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The best kept secret in music


"Blissed...Lets see."

If you're like me, you might be inclined to pick up "Waking Up the Dead" due to the fact that former Stryper drummer, Robert Sweet, now calls Blissed home. If you were expecting Blissed to sound like Stryper, however, you're in for a surprise. Believe it or not, that's not a bad thing.
Blissed has a completely original
hard rock / heavy metal sound that
often throws away the sticky sweet melodies and vocals that Stryper was famous for in exchange for a rock hard, fresh, original and modern sounding rock'n'roll.

There are times when Blissed does bring to mind the days of Stryper. the more melodic songs, like "Under My Skin" and "Losing You" do tend to bring back the days of "Against the Law" and "To Hell With the Devil." For the most part, however, Blissed is really rough and raw and gritty.
The songwriting is much more in line with today's hard rock / heavy metal heroes. For example, "Waking Up the Dead" could almost be a Disturbed song, while "Obvious" is more in line with something Audioslave might come up with.

Lyrically, the band sticks with their Christian rock roots, but never to the sometimes painfully obvious degree that Stryper did. Instead, the lyrics on "Waking Up the Dead" are subtle yet poignant.

In today's music climate, Stryper probably wouldn't work. The band's commercial songwriting and over-produced grandeur would fall on more cynical ears. Blissed, however, are another story altogether. Their raw rock sound and unique talent give them an edge other bands in their genre often don't have.
- Rough Edge

"Quotable quotes"

The Ground Floor - California
- for those who love Stryper, they're gonna really dig it. for those who don't know who Stryper was, you'll love Blissed anyway.

Reign Radio - Daytona Beach
- heavy stuff, it has pop edge to it but still absolutely heavy!

HM Magazine
- current metal album not to miss!
- Blissed performed and all in attendance agreed that they rocked.

Intense Radio - Nashville
- I can't wait to see these guys live!

KFSG - Los Angeles
-very good, very, very solid

Total Rock - London England - intriguing and intense

Roxx Productions - promoter
- these guys put on a killer show, it rocks, you will not be disappointed!

KNAC - Los Angeles
- wow! this has a real hard edge to it!

O.C. Weekly
- Blissed trucks largely in a visionary interpretation, creating art that enlightens, inspires and intrigues.

Paul Bell
- I received a copy of the full length Blissed CD, I couldn't get far scanning before the song Obvious hit like a sledgehammer to the cranuim, slow, heavy and crunchy, songs like Shut Up, Come On In and Let It Go are all hit singles, and the cd goes on and on like that.

Bob Rock
- This cd is real thick and heavy, very nice.
- Various

"Reviewed *Netherlands"

Opvallen aan de band Blissed is de aanwezighad van voormalig stryper drummer Robert Sweet. Maar daar
houdt dan ook meteen de vergelijking met Stryper mee op.
Blissed gaat muzikaal een andere weg. Geen melodieuze popmetal dus, maar hedendaagse hardrock. De muziel is scherp, zonder echter ooit ook maar een gevoel van melodie kwijt te raken. De afwisseling tussen de nummers onderling, maar ook binnes de nummers zelf, is erg opvallend: rauw, emotioneel, agressief, up-tempo, ales komt voorbij. En dat maakt deze cd des te boeiender. De vier bandleden staan muzikaal absoluut hun mannetje en de productie zorgte ervoor dat de nummers niets hun kracht verliezen. Zanger David Pearson legt veel in zijn stem, het drumwerk van Robert Sweet is afwisselend en beide gitaristen laten horen prima 'snarenplukkers' te zijn. Tekstueel wordt er absoluut geen blad de monde genomen. De
teksten zijn aangrijpend, recht voor z'n raap en komen erg oprecht over. Het merendeel van de teksten gaat over de persoonlijke relatie tussen God en mensen ( I was a dying man until I let you in,
Ive got you under my skin, Ive got you tatooed within - Under My Skin), maar ook de liefde tussen
mensen onderling en zelfs de uivel (I Hate You) komen aan bod. Al met al een erg fraaie debuutcd.

- Bottomline Magazine

"Blissed-fully Clean"

The american character has a capacity for accommodating contrast that transends cheerful infamy-PT Barnum grew up in the same town at the same time as Laurens P. Hickok, the lost father of American rational idealism-and nowhere are these contrasts more cheerfully pitted against each other than in the regrettably underexplored arena of self declared Christian rock & roll. And nowhere with Christian rock & roll does on find a more anthropologically engaging specimen than Blissed, featering drummer Robert Sweet of Stryper fame, a band unfortunately remembered as 'hair metal', however, Blissed picks up where Stryper left off to tackle a peculiarly new-millennium politics of parousa through works of art dealing with not a literal apocalypse but-instead-an apocalypse of coincidence, a tribute to the designer of the universe. We can-attempt to delve the indelvable-to analyse the
uncompromisingly intimidating works of Blissed.
Drummer Robert Sweet has certainly weathered his fair share of acrimony from other christians. In 1986, he told HIT PARADER that Stryper 'was about the most unreligous band you could imagine' later clarifying the sentiment in another interview as 'a rock band who were christians' rather than 'some religous band'. Naturally, certain sectors of the church responded with opprobium. But Stryper and now Blissed, are always engaged in a more sophisticated reading of 'christian' work.
Consider the possibilty that instead of crude, casual blaphemy or plastic piety, Blissed trucks largely in a visionary interpretation of texts, creating art that enlightens, inspires
and intrigues initiates and analysts alike.
Blissed offers a theologocal labyrinth as dense and calculating as anything assembles
during pre-gnostic times. - O.C. Weekly


2002 - Blissed IIII (ep)
2003 - Waking Up The Dead (full length cd)
coming winter '05 - Corrosive (full lenghth cd)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Blissed is anchored by Robert Sweet (Drums) of Stryper fame. The experience that Robert brings to BLISSED is invaluable. With Stryper, Robert sold millions and millions of recordings in dozens of countries around the world, was certified RIAA Gold five times over and Platinum twice, had number one smash hit videos on MTV and successfully toured the world over and over again. His recognizable drumming style is matched only by his stage persona and his performance with BLISSED is driving and dynamic leaving fans uttering "I've never heard Robert unleashed like that!"
Partnered with Robert is BLISSED founding member David Pearson (Vocals, Guitar) formerly of the sensational underground group Static. Static sold thousands of cds without label support entirely on the merits of creative songs and explosive live performances. Immediately identifiable, David's voice carves a deep niche for BLISSED. He delivers melody soaked hooks, aggressive angst and whispered verses painting a picture with a mural of memorable lyrics back dropped by an array of textures of guitar.
With guitar driven songwriting at the core of the BLISSED sound it is often noted that Jeff Miller's (Guitar, Vocals) guitar sound has been likened to a 'ten foot wall of sound", but still spans the full spectrum of moods. From haunting tones, emotion filled solos and pop sensible song structures Jeff and David deliver with style.
Completing the line up is Geoff Breen ( Bass, Vocals) formerly of Forevertree. Jeff's work with Forevertree on Atlanta based Bulletproof Records earned him equipment endorsements, international radio airplay and the notoriety for laying down serious grooves. Jeff does exactly that with BLISSED. The driving bass lines lay a powerful foundation that propel the songs, locking together an earth shaking rhythm section. The vocal harmonies give BLISSED a style unique in the heavy/edge music scene.

BLISSED has released their debut recording titled 'Waking Up The Dead' to retail through Central South Distribution, Bayside and Select O Hits. The cd was well received as were the songs from Waking UP The Dead on Radio. Partnering with Pure Tracking, Concrete Marketing and Skateboard, BLISSED received airplay throughout North America and Europe. They broke the top 50 on the CMJ charts and found themselves in many 'top 10's' in the CHR market as well. In some staying in the top ten for up to 16 weeks.

BLISSED has returned from the band's first trip overseas. This tour was a complete success. Its purpose was to introduce BLISSED to audiences in Europe with explosive live performances and avail the band to European press. The live shows were explosive! The first set in Holland saw a crowd of more than 4000. The promoter for this concert was so impressed that they had the band do another concert in the Netherlands the very next day. This set saw the band headline a group of five bands and many in attendance were new loyal BLISSED fans from the night before.

BLISSED then traveled through Belgium and France then into the UK for more dates in England and north into Scotland. After two more shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively the band finished up the tour at the infamous Garage in London, the same club that had just hosted P.O.D. and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Blissed has been given the invite to come back and participate in more European events. All during the busy schedule of the live sets the band also sat down with many eager press representatives for interviews and introductions. PowerPlay, CCM, Hebbez, Rock Tribune and Metal Hammer are a few in print along with many radio stations from all over Europe. Finding themselves home again in North America lead the band to the only logical next step, intensive touring. On the last leg of touring BLISSED performed in the following cities: Niagara Falls, Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Chattanooga, Nashville, New York City, Long Island, Youngstown, Cleveland, Detroit, Battle Creek, Wilmington, Tulsa, Fort Worth and Wichita. All of this touring has landed BLISSED an endorsement deals and a sponsorship agreement with MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS.

This is only the beginning for BLISSED, a new full length release titled CORROSIVE is now complete and is being mastered at Sterling sound by the same engineer that worked on Green Day's Amercan Idiot, Slipknot and Stryper's reunion cd Reborn. With this new release...a full radio servicing, 3 music videos and a tour, performing coast to coast in North America and back over seas to Europe and the Far East.