Blisses B

Blisses B

 San Francisco, California, USA

"11 glistening ditties - heavy with none-too-subtle Afropop influences, strong doses of Paul Simonism, and snippets of Cat Stevensy folk” - SF Weekly


Blisses B, rooted firmly in the city that embraces music in all forms imaginable, introduces another compilation of genre-crashing rock and psychadelia with their second full-length album, Thirty Days, Sixty Years. Debuted on Nov. 13, 2010, the album was recorded, produced, and engineered entirely by the San Francisco-based quartet.Thirty Days, Sixty Years explores the mathematical parameters that define our lives -- weekends, vacations, adolescence, adulthood, the reality of how much time we have left on this earth -- and the personal equations that result from the many caveats that can extend and shorten most of these time frames. Are we spending our time wisely, with the right people, and in the right place? What are we giving back?

The fingerprints on Thirty Days, Sixty Years belong only to Blisses B. The album was tracked, mixed, and mastered entirely by bassist Nick Testa.

Using electric and acoustic mandolins, piano, leslie speakers and banjo, Ben Keegan (guitar, mandolin, keyboard, vocals), Noah Libby (vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin), Matt Mcbride (drums, percussion), and Testa recorded Thirty Days, Sixty Years at Stout Studios in Oakland, Cal., on a 2-inch Studer Tape Machine. Overdubs and vocals were added at Devil Tail Studios in San Francisco. Keeping it in the family, the band tapped Keegan’s brother, Graham Keegan, to create the artwork for the album.


Our motto is...we will see you down at the shore, in your canoe, and we'll give you the push you don't admit you need.


Thirty Days, Sixty Years (2010)

You Should (2009)

Blisses B (2007)

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Set List

Normally, the set ranges from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, but can be shortened or extended. We are always working on new material and also have some unreleased gems.

Officially released original music:

Thirty Days, Sixty Years:
1 - Regal Goodbyes
2 - Your Own Growl
3 - Thirty Days, Sixty Years
4 - Valley Low
5 - Fine And Dandy
6 - Cattywompus
7 - Yesteryear
8 - I Was Around
9 - Spirit
10 - Decimal Point

You Should:
1 - Juxtaposed
2 - Tick Tock
3 - Condone
4 - A.Q.
5 - Open Hand, Weak Wrist
6 - Surfing Boogie Boards
7 - When In Fact
8 - Lemur
9 - Wooden Ghosts
10 - You Should

Blisses B:
1 - Twice As Nice
2 - Quill vs Ink
3 - Proverbial Healing