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"Flowers & Balloons"

"Flowers and Balloons", by Bliss Station
Genre: Dance / Euro House / Electronic
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I have NEVER heard a song this happy ... that I liked. In fact, I was almost going to hit the stop button on this one and come back to it when I was in a more accepting mood. But, as fate would have it, by the chorus I sort of "got it". And now, twenty listens or so later, I think I have come to understand what the concept of bliss truly means. Stop laughing. "Flowers and Balloons" is a highly danceable euro-house / dance groove with a playful message and a serious kick. And it's fun. And sometimes, that's the point.
New York City's Bliss Station is the brainchild of Israeli born Gary L. Starting his musical career as a drummer, Gary eventually moved to keyboards and started Bliss Station after becoming fed up with being "locked behind the drums" (maybe he was playing behind Phil Collins' set. That'll do it.). Completing the band, we have vocalist Shara, guitarist David Bernstein, and programmer Rodney Smith. And if the rest of their tracks are anything like "Flowers and Balloons", the Bliss Station union has resulted in a good energy quartet with a great mixture of fun and serious dance beats. For an American audience, try to fuse eighties pop vocals with good house music. For those on the other side of the ocean, imagine going to any of the dance clubs in the UK and you could easily expect to hear this song there. Imagine a floor full of hot british girls letting it out on the dance floor. Now add a few brit guys in there (I said stop laughing). Now listen to this song. You're there. In fact, I'm going there as soon as I finish this review.

"Flowers and Balloons" is dance through and through. Gary L's roomy keyboards draw us into a groove that's nearly impossible not to move to. And don't be thrown by the opening lyrics themselves -- like I said, it's a painfully cheerful song, lyrically. "The sun is out / and it's so bright / birds are chirping / dancing 'round / we float up to an ice cream shop" ... and so on. I wasn't kidding. However, once you grasp the song in it's entirety, you sort of get the tongue-in-cheek approach Bliss Station is taking here, as well as the general fun vibe of the tune.

Not a whole lot of downsides on this song, for what it is. There's an odd point near the end of the song where the harmonies back away from the melody in what sounds like a mistake. My ear caught it, and I'm pretty sure yours will too. Had it not been for that little thing, this song would have been flawless.

Once again, the dance beat is downright infectious on "Flowers". In fact, I've probably made an ass of myself in front of my roommates because of it. The production on this song is solid and well done; the bass shines through nicely, while the drum track itself doesn't come off as too electronic, which is a good thing, in my opinion. Also notable here is the breakdown during the bridge. A downturn from the "sunshine and love" verses and choruses, the bridge takes a serious turn before skip-skip-skipping back to the meat of the song.

Again, "Flowers and Balloons" is a very danceable track, which won huge points with me. If you're into dance or house electronica, eighties synth pop or euro house, be prepared to download and get down a little bit. Along with this track, Bliss Station has tons of tracks available for download at their website. And it's made me want to go dance in public, which is probably one of the only bad things about this track.

Stone Bayliss
HitClick Staff Reviewer

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all songs available at: &, start with Flowers & Balloons,gazing in Silence,The voice in me,soft heat & move on to hear the entire CD,airplays on numerous radio stations,NPR & int shows.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bliss-Station is a fresh innovative musical sound that was conceptualized & brought to fruition by the vision & original style of Gary Lifsh,Israeli born who brought his unique life perspective, across the ocean where the creative energy & imagination are painted beautifully in this ground breaking musical style.

He initially started his musical journey as a drummer. In time he yearned to be upfront instead of locked behind the drums,that’s when he began music composition on the keyboards.
Blisstation’s music is an exciting blend of highly charged emotional lyrics & catchy melodies.
Refreshing in today’s sex & anger riddled musical culture,Gary’s lyrics& music reflect his connection to his deepest thoughts & desires resulting in timeless lyrical poetry. Harkening back to great songs & songwriting of the past,Bliss-station is able to send you on riveting journey where you are rewarded with colorful glimpse of the world through his own eyes.
Close your eyes & let the lyrics & sounds of Blisstation carry you to a place where love, spirituality, romance, fantasies & dreams flourish and sooth your soul.

The melody & rhythm of Bliss Station (Blisstation) are nothing short of hypnotic with its eclectic mixture of sounds.
The music layers combine a unique pop blend with electronic radio- friendly vibe.
The synthesizers are reminiscent of retro classic synth sound while BS’s imagination style lends a fresh radio friendly-with unexpected sultryness,catering nicely to a wide spectrum of musical moods of the listener.
Bliss Station has the privilege of vocalist-driving force sultry singer Shara, her moving and expressive voice lends the perfect signature to BS genuine Lyrics & composition,David Bern is a prolific Guitarist & with full production Blisstation show is a fresh new breath.

Blisstation is currently playing out venues in NYC & recently did a showcase for few major labels including Sony,Casablanca,Universal,W.B the showcase wwas part of the NY international music & Film festival .
It’s time to show the world a stop at Bliss-station.
You are invited to check out the sound & if you like what you hear,spread a word!!
We’d also like to get your feedback,so don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or/and comments. &

Thank you for checking out Blisstation,the cutting edge sound for the new Millennium.
Wishing you blissful days & peaceful nights.

Bliss Station.