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Every once in a while you find a CD that sounds great everywhere you listen to it. But it's always a test to see if it sounds great in the car while you're driving. No matter where you're going the music is instrumental for your ride, providing a great soundtrack to the trip. And Blisstique's new CD Stereo Spirits is pure drivin' music.

Blisstique is the brainchild of Peter Klein and Chris Catalina, two guys that busy themselves with dropping colorful and imaginative beats and samples, electronics, guitars and more, along with musicians Andrew Lenaghan on drums and Paul Gaita on bass as well as Gus Vigo on the organ. Cyndi and Rosena Murray supply those smooth background vox.

The CD, Stereo Spirits, is a self-produced diamond that pushes the envelope with experimental and pop sensibilities, exciting musical composition and strong vocals. The influences are well-documented with focused vibes from Cake to U2 and even Pink Floyd.

Highlights on the disc are "Tuned Out," a dark and lush electrical rocker with a Steppenwolf-like intro that rolls into a super funked verse with staccato sharp vox and lead guitars courtesy of Peter Klein. The '70s synth sounds of "Too Soon" rolls across the CD player easily, with its Dave Matthews vibe; it should do well with radio. There are 11 songs on this disc and all of them are infectious. A great job from these Point Pleasant rockers. For more info, go see them over at - THE AQUARIAN - 7/30/2008


woo - ep 2006
the light - ep 2007
stereo spirits - LP 2008



Blisstique is a band that was formed from the individual member’s frustration with the music industry and the music, or lack of music that they were signing. As the industry has continued to sink to lower depths with their lack of original style, churning out formula laden boy bands, bland hip hop clones and itunes generation Screamo’s, Blisstique has decided to establish themselves on becoming the best in their chosen field, refusing to record any music whatsoever, until they felt they had much to say.

The band's defiance and steadfast refusal to conform to mindless pop culture has generated a significant following for the group that’s been positive since their inception.

Blisstique is pK on Vocals/Guitars/Keys, ChrisCat dropping beats/samples on decks and electronics, Antonio on Bass, and MatTLauristen on Drums. A truly unique blend of Rock & Roll and Drum & Bass/ Electronica has been created to forge a new force in the underground music world. In an age where most bands fit one mold, Blisstique offers a sound that transcends definition with appeal to a variety of listeners. This is music that holds true to the original spirit of Rock and Roll both now and in their bright future.