Apex, North Carolina, USA

"A progressive punk trio, Blister harks back to the late 70's NYC punk sound -- Ramones and Patti Smith, as seen through 90's Cobain prescription sunglasses."


Blister, recipients of the 1999 Jim Beam Bourbon B.E.A.M. Music Grant Program and B.E.A.M. representatives for the 2001 Atlantis Music Conference, quickly developed their distinctive style of music, progressive punk. Complete with thick, biting guitars, a primal rhythm section and powerful vocals laced in honest thought provoking lyrics and silvery melodies. Blister is that rare band that blends an unconventional form of rock music with lusty hooks that are sure to ensnare the masses.

After being together six months, Blister got it's first nod when they were chosen as semi-finalists in the Musician Magazine's "Best Unsigned Band" Contest. Next they made the list of "Best Bands in North Carolina" in Faze 3 Magazine and chosen "Most Wanted Band" by WDCC 90.5, a CMJ reporting radio station. Information Magazine selected Blister for an "Indie Spotlight" and the legendary rock venue, The Caboose, included them on Volume II of their "Best Bands of The Caboose" video series.

Critics have written that Blister's sound is a blessed union of the late 70's NYC punk scene and the best of the early 90's Seattle grunge scene. Blister has won over the underground with intense and passionate performances, which of course would mean nothing without the bands strongest distinction, good songs.



Written By: Blister

i want it all
i need more, more
then you happened to say
how all the games
that you've played
are coming back
on your plate
it doesn't matter anyway
but you want me to stay
so you say what you say
like you'll push him away
he never mattered anyway
it's too late x 4
no more, no more
my heart so sore
shifting under the strain
floating right down the drain
there's no time to complain
like that would matter anyway
as i reach for the door
my heart splits at the core
burdens fall to the floor
but nothing matters anymore

Nine More Minutes

Written By: Blister

once again, i'm late on tuesday
i'm swimming in my bed
alarm clock keeps on screaming
try to lift my weary head
roll over and i stab blindly
searching for that snooze
i've got no time to lay in bed
but there's nothing i'd rather do

world's so cold, but it's warm in bed
9 more minutes,
9 more minutes x 2
9 more minutes

And i'm still dreaming, here we go again
the sun's not up so why should I be
you know I'd rather stay in
i know that life is pricey
we all have bills to pay
but if i'm late today it should be okay
you know it's no, no, no, no big deal

world's so cold, but it's warm in bed
9 more minutes,
9 more minutes x 2
9 more minutes

Planet Deep

Written By: Blister

i got my eyes on
your situation
i got something you should know about your new destination
i got a feeling
you should be going
i know what you're gonna' reap from the seeds you've been sowing
planet deep, inner space x4

i've got these voices
inside me
so i can talk to the skies,
the mountains and the seas
i've got this feeling,
it's you and me
hand & hand & hand
through eternity

it's inside me and
it's inside you
cause it's inside me and
i'm inside you


Blister S/T EP
Regular Rotation WDDC & WKNC
"Keep My Kool"

Moments EP
Regular Rotaion WDCC, WKNC & XM Satellite Radio
"T .00"
Live EP
Regular Rotation WDCC, WKNC & XM Satellite Radio
"Planet Deep "
"T .00"
vs. The Theory of Evolution LP
Release date May 4th

Several tracks from "Live" are available for down load and all of vs. The Theory of Evolution for streaming at

Set List

Blister's original song list is in excess of 100 songs. They can perform from 15 minutes to 4 hours of original music amplified or acoustic. Some of those song titles are:

Planet Deep Alcohol Abuse
9 More Minutes Drain Jagged Gillettes
Vayne Pissin' Rod Shock Jock
Welfare Line Off The Cuff Agent Orange
Marshmallow 6 Drive Butterfly
Ugly Clothes T .00 Satue of You
Bomb Shelter Dysphoria Regret
Rocket Pocket Bleeding Heart
Birthcage Bleed Blackout
Sunflower Madly Get a Life
Murmur Herd Meat Carry Me
Hand Me Down Whatever Eat
Crush On You Alone
Trailer Park Queen Disgruntled Postal Employee
Feed The Worms Fiberglass Shower
Who Screwed Up The Rest Of