Blither is both an Alternative/Hard Rock/Metal Band and a Modern Rock Acoustic Duo. Thus far we have released an acoustic album entitled "The Quiet Lights EP" in 2005 and there is a full length electric album to be released by June 2007. Blither is signed to the Indie Label Act III Recordings.


There are many influences that make up the formula that can be heard in Blither's music. Such bands as the Deftones, Korn, Godsmack, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Orange 9mm, Rage Against the Machine have had an impact on Blither's sound.


Broken Windows

Written By: Blither

I can smell the anger in this place,
open up my lips to get a taste,
the broken windows tell a story of a hatred once so clear,
I can feel the anger on my face.

She tried to make it right, she tried to piece her world together.
He only wants to fight, she sticks around though she knows better.
His eyes are burning red, she knows to leave but he won't let her.
It pours inside her head, but she's too weak to change the weather,
she's too weak to change.

I hear her screaming as she falls,
but I'm too petrified to help at all,
the broken windows paint a picture of a hatred once so clear,
I've heard the screams within these walls.

I've watched the trouble unfold,
I take a deep breath and do what IÕm told,
the broken windows sculpt a statue of a hatred once so clear,
the trouble's hideous and cold.

Shallow Waters

Written By: Blither

Can't seem to figure out her intentions or what is in her head
Always blinded by the reflections of her confusions
Stable ground is no where to be found
I pray she can make it around.....make it around

SInking in the Shallow Waters of her mind

Bittersweet Decisions must be made
I hope and pray for a new light and a positive day
Though still blinded by the reflections of her mind
Looking at the clock the hands still out of time
The confusions never seem to end, When all she needs is a positive friend

SInking in the Shallow Waters of her mind

Shallow Waters, Shallow Times (3 Times)
Shallow Waters, Shallow Minds


Blither has released an Acoustic EP entitled "The Quiet Lights EP" in 2005.

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