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My songs "Hands Up", Blitz Personality, and songs from my solo mix tape feature on my web page and also on . "Hands Up' is also on, where it has been featured as "Most Popular" for 21 weeks with over 22,000 downloads and counting..
Also, I recently recorded a verse and hook for an Australian artist and the song will be played on Aussie Radio. Without any promo whatsoever, HandsUp has also charted in Germany. My solo mix tape is making major waves around the country and across the globe. We're fulfilling requests from England, France, and Australia. Dallas, look out for my track on Dj Princess' mix tape, coming to you soon. Streetblast, Inde Limelight Radio, OutBound Music and Independent Nation are all playing my songs. I recently recorded four new ones, two of which can be heard on 91.9FM in the NY metro area. My song "Aye Yai Yai" is fast approaching nationwide coverage of DJs and radio stations-- also a shout out to the DJs in the UK, Kuala Lampur and Italy who are holding it down for Blitz! By the way, all of you who have heard Aye Yai Yai now you know. Your girl also likes to sing. Lots more to come...


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About Blitz

“It’s said that she spits fire”, the fire of hope, the fire of determination, the fire of truth”. Who is Blitz? A rare mixture of ingredients that is already taking fans and naysayers alike by storm. Changing minds, opening doors and making moves, Blitz is a breakthrough artist with a growing and global support base, which includes industry people, artists and fans from her hometown of New York City to Germany to Australia.

As a virtual magician who enthralls and engages with her burning passion for all aspects of creativity, Blitz began making her mark on the world around her at a very young age. By the tender age of three it was clear that Blitz was born to do this. She took the stage for the first time and the romance with her audience began. She has been overwhelming audiences with electrifying performances ever since.

Blitz doesn’t know when it was that music took center stage, but as her skills, interests and personality evolved it became clear that it would take a leading role in her life. Blitz performed in every local talent show and after capturing many wins, her confidence grew stronger, leading her to venture out of her comfort zone, as is her nature, and take the game up a notch. Then it happened! Emimen hit the airwaves and Blitz Personality became a force to be reckoned with. Her energy and sheer joy of performing made it clear that this young lady had star quality. Blitz had “it”! In fact, Blitz is the “it” girl for her generation and beyond.

One could say that this “brainy 15-year old white girl “ has a “heavy” mind and a silken voice. This was proven when she was accepted to the legendary Professional Performing Arts High School Vocal Program where she excels as a lead soprano. An honor student who has made a lifelong commitment to loyalty and taking the high road, Blitz believes that boundaries only exist where you allow them to be. Blitz credits her accomplishments to hard work and unwavering dedication to her craft, and to the tireless support of her “Dream Team” which includes her mentor and “big brother”, Truck Turner.

As a solo rap artist, Blitz successfully blends today’s music with mainstream Hip Hop and a powerful boost of Blitz’s winning personality. Her razor sharp delivery leaves you at ahhhhhhhhh, wondering what Blitz Personality truly is…and at rapt attention to see what it is fast becoming.