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Mexico, The Federal District, Mexico | Established. Jan 01, 2000

Mexico, The Federal District, Mexico
Established on Jan, 2000


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It is no coincidence that Mexico is today one of the countries that emerges with strength within the electronic music scene, becoming an important House Music exporter, and it is no coincidence, since according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico is one of the happiest nations in the world and music is directly tied to happiness.
Mexican New Breed of Sound
The electronic life scene in Mexico

The electronic life scene in Mexico (Source: Wikipedia)

In Mexico there is now a new breed of sounds and new protagonists who are inviting the citizens of the world to look at this country with their ears, challenging the concept that Mexico only offers tequila and mariachis, or violence and corruption.

Throughout the country, but especially in Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara there is an entire underground movement of raves dedicated to the purest of electronic sounds, groups who feed the non-mainstream scene and even festivals as the BPM, which took roots in Mexico years ago. All of this is living testimony vibrating full of life scene in Mexico.

And without diminishing the work of hundreds of Dj´s that exist throughout the Republic, the relevant work is done by the ones that are doing in addition to their job as disk jockeys, an excellent work as producers, they are the responsible ones of giving Mexico this new found reputation. Because of their average in productions they are transcending Mayan frontiers and signing with important worldwide labels. My Favourite Robot, King Street, Get Physical, Safe, Nervous, Mjuzieek, Kompact, etc, are some of the labels that have seen in the songs of these Mexican producers avant-garde and purposeful potential.
Some of The Most Important Names of House Music “Made in Mexico”

These are some of the most important names of House Music “Made in Mexico”, who are building a pyramid of trends, and printing the name “México” continuously in the most important House Charts worldwide such as Traxsource and Beatport.

Balcazar & Sordo (My Favourite Robot, Voltaire)
B-Liv (Kingstreet, Safe, Mjuzieek)
Bastard Love (My Favourite Robot)
Betoko (Deepalma, Suara)
Climbers (Get Physical)
Hector (Desolat)
Jesus Nava (Supermarket, PP Music)
Jose Spinnin ( Kult, Star 69)
Joy Marquez (Nervous, Undercool)
Karlos Kastillo (3star Deluxe)
Louie Fresco (My Favourite Robot, Stricktly, Nurvous)
Luis Flores (Droid)
Metrika (Crosstown Rebels)
Muan (Get Physical, Akbal)
Pato Watson (Kin kon)
Pinto (Neim Records, Nite Grooves)
Rebolledo (Kompact)
Ritmo Du Vela (Greenhouse, Monkey Junk) - Music Reviews L.A.

had the privilege to interview house and deephouse DJ and Producer B-Liv he is an electronic music artist. He achieved important nominations such as best dj in Mexico by the Dance Clubbing Awards. Read the interview to find out more.

Can you tell us about your upcoming release?
2015 promises to be a wonderful year, and is already beginning dramatically.

While several releases already got signed and scheduled for release in the upcoming months, in January I will be launching two very special works. On the one hand, is Tressor, a song with many deep and techno elements. It was signed by the prestigious label of Paris “Frigo Vide Records”, highly respected for the quality of artists and songs signed in the Deep House genre. The track is already available exclusively on Traxsource, and just a few days after the release this is already a featured Deep House release in the store and hoping to reach the charts, too.

The other release that is about to be launched is Love & Truth and is a very important song for 2 reasons. The first one is that I feel this as an evolution of my sound. I worked a lot on this one and finally I made the song sound the way I was expecting . The second reason is because thanks to this development I was fortunate that the renowned Italian duo The Deepshakerz (ToolRoom, Deeperfect, Lapsus), were interested on it and decided to sign the project to their label “Safe Music”. This is a great achievement because we are talking about a very important and highly coveted label in the world’s House scene . I am the first Latin American producer to sign with these two labels and that sets a good precedent for the house music scene in Mexico.

What is your favorite album from another artist?
It is a difficult question because as a DJ and music lover you’re falling constantly in love with a bunch of great albums and songs. It may vary according to mood and also depends somewhat on the seasons of the year but I could tell that in my sets there are recurring few songs. One of them is “Someone like you” by the Copenhagen duo, SoulMagic.

Other songs that i also really enjoy
– Icon – Full Intention
– There Was a place -Wayne Williams

What song of yours are you proud of?
I am proud of all my work. Each and every one of my songs have determined a significant achievement, i have produced more than 40 songs in recent years, but there are a few of them that have marked key moments of my career:

“Cold War” (DJI 2013) is very important because it was signed by DJ International Records of Chicago, label icon in the history of the House where artists like Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles or Jesse Saunders signed their first jobs and now I feel lucky to be part of the same catalog.

Other 2 songs are “Move Your Body” (Marfil Records. 2014) and “That’s How I Feel” (Conkrete Uk. 2014) since they were the songs I first came on House Music lists with both ranking in the top 100 reaching No.40 on Traxsource

Also Is “A House Prayer” (Molacacho Records.2013). With this song I first came Soulful House lists to, ranking in the Top 30 for over 4 weeks.

And the latest is “I Won’t Love” (Frigo Vide Records. 2014). This song took me first to Deep House charts where it remained for nearly five weeks, ranking No.20 on Traxsource. This song also appeared in over 5 different Deep House compilations in Europe.

What is the formula of Success in the music industry?
Depends on what you call success. For me success is to be loyal to yourself. Is making music what makes you proud and if people wants to have it and listen it’s sure is a big plus.

The formula for this? I think it has to do with the heart and effort you put in. The level of professionalism for what you do and self respect to your work. I’ve always said that “you do it right, or you better do not do it at all” and is a formula to be applied to life in general, I hate improvised things.

Another very important thing and that many top artists have forgotten nowadays is that no matter how high you get or how big your name is you should never lose your humility. - Nora Gouma

Q: All right, in three or four words, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

A: Passionate, obsessive, perfectionist and good House dancer!

Q: What was it like growing up in Colombia? And what part, if any, does your heritage play in your music?

A: Even though I was born and raised in my hometown of Colombia in Mexico, I have made a musical career and grown in this art that I love so much finding a home. In my youth, when I was living in Colombia, the Electronic music scene was very small and extremely local. Colombia has a huge musical culture, but 10 years ago we didn´t have so many resources and possibilities developed, then I arrived in Mexico and things changed positively. For me, Mexico has been very important. It has opened huge doors in my career, but I have never forgotten where I come from, actually in some of my productions I used Colombian autochtonous sound.

Q: Did you know when you were little that you wanted you be a musician?

A: Not really. My love for music started in the 80´s when I discovered Synth-Pop and everything that was happening with Post-Punk culture in England. In the 90´s I started my music collection which lead me to have several important radio music shows in Colombia and as a consequence, I started producing my own music. At the beginning, it was just experimental things and little by little it started taking shape.

Q: You live in Mexico City and your music has taken you all over the world. Do you have any upcoming shows here in the US. What are some of your favorite places to perform?

A: I don´t have upcoming shows in the US now, but I would love to go back, it´s an amazing audience and I love the country. Last time I was in the USA was in January for the Winter Music Conference in Miami where I had some great shows, and few months before I played in LA. All my next shows are booked in Mexico and Colombia.

Q: What’s your favorite or most inspirational place to visit when you’re not working?

A: I consider myself a very spiritual person. One of my favorite places to go when I am in Mexico City is “La Villa” where you can visit La Virgin de Guadalupe in The Basilica where in 1531, Juan Diego saw it the first time. It has such a unique energy and it´s a place where I find answers and inner peace.

Q: Is there a song on your latest project or a project you’ve worked on in the past that you’d call your favorite?

A: It’s so hard to have a favorite one, each track I produce represents what I live at that moment, each one surprises me in a good way; they let me express what and how I feel. If I would have to choose a few, I would take into consideration their impact, not the love I have for them, for example: “Love & Truth,” released in January with Safe Music achieved Top 20 in the House charts in Traxsource. “Tressor,” released in February with FVR (Frigo Vide Records) got to the Top 10 in the Tech House charts, “All Waiting For”, release with FogBank got to the Top 30 position in the House charts.

Q: Besides your own music, what types of music do you enjoy listening to? Who are some of your favorite artists?

A: GREAT QUESTION! In general, people think that DJ´s just listen to electronic music but personally, I still listen and really like some of the 80´s stuff such as Synth-Pop music, Industrial Rock and admire music that comes from Manchester Post-Punk movement that happened in the 90´s.

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to music?

A: I will probably get hanged over by my fans, but once in a while I listen to Julio Iglesias. Reminds me of when I was a kid with my parents, especially those moments with my mom. She truly loves his music. I had the opportunity to see him in a concert with her, it was a great.

Q: Describe your creative process. How does one of your tracks usually get born into the world?

A: There is no formula, it´s always different. Usually when I am going to start a production I have an idea where I would like the track to go, a melody, a vocal that I want to use, a synth or piano part that I want to work with and what happens next is always a surprise. I let the music guide me. Usually, I work the song structure with a kick drum, then I work on the bass line and from there I continue working on the arrangement, mix, etc.

Q: Do you have any special pre-show routines or rituals?

A: I take a moment to myself, shortly pray and ask God to illuminate the night and let me choose wisely the music according to the audience on the dance floor, which is a sacred place for me.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about making and performing your music?

A: Definitely the connection with my audience and the fact that you can manipulate, in a positive way, their night with that night’s set is a unique feeling. When you hear them clap and cheer at the end, it’s breath-taking.

Q: What memorable fan responses have you gotten to your music?

A: I can think of two amazing memories. A couple of years ago, I was on a tour in the US, we started in Chicago in the Congress Theater and next we went to Milwaukee. I can still remember several Mexican flags in the air, so beautiful. The second night (in Milwaukee) I found one of some of the fans that approached me in Chicago, he traveled all that way to hear us again. I was so profoundly moved by this.

Next story is more recent. In January, I played in Playa del Carmen as part of BPM festival and made a great group of friends, since then each time I play all of them go to my gigs, it’s AMAZING to see people that follow you and dance always with such joy to my music.

Definitely the best happened a couple of weeks ago, when an article was released in LA where the most influential Mexican producers were reviewed and my name came up in that list, GREAT FEELING!!!! Really inspired me.

Q: Talk a little bit about your latest project (or anything else you want readers to know about.)

A: There are so many cool things coming this way that I find myself very motivated and excited. In July, I will have several surprises: I just released my last single “Minock” with Joeski´s label, which is based in Brookline Kinetika. The 1st of July Drums in My Head will hit all major digital stores with Undercool from Spain. On the 6th of July “Agua pa Beber” was released with Aztek Tribalism also a Joeski label. On the 27th of July, I have the huge honor to release “Basement Rules” with the legendary label NY King Street-Night Grooves, which I will celebrate with a special release party in Mexico City. EXCITING TIMES.

Q: What’s something not many people know about you?

A: I published a book with Nadaist Texts and a Fanzine called Ruidosis which was presented in Bogota Book Fair. Also I was an environmental activist. Had one of the most influential radio shows Radio Pirata,” which programmed Indie rock in the ending of the 90´s. My nickname was El Pirata. I don´t shower on Saturday (unless I play) and I HATE ONIONS!!!

Q: You’ve been in music for nearly 20 years and in that time, have amassed a great catalogue of music that your fans love and that you’re undoubtedly proud of. During your journey to get where you are now in your career, what would you say is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Wow, I pass on great advice from my father: “It doesn´t matter how many achievements you get in your life, never stop being humble. Also, try to be always the best person you can. - SOE

Renowned DJ & Producer, B-Liv reveals to the world his new ‘Empire’.
Created in Mexico City and mastered in Los Angeles, It is an underground homage to Star Wars Episode V revealing the fanaticism of B-Liv by this saga.

The Empire full EP features a collaboration of selected great artists who contributed their sound from different parts of the globe including: Chris Geka (France), Baseek (Spain), Joan Blast (Colombia) & Tecca (Spain). - Music Reviews L.A.

Además de ser publicista por profesión, la mejor carta de B-Liv es como dj y productor de sonido house desde hace 10 años.

Como dj ha tenido innumerables residencias y presentaciones en Colombia, México y EU. Es parte del colectivo MUZIK y miembro de DJ4PEACE, movimiento creado por Carl Cox hace unos años.

Con un sonido lleno de calidad y una personalidad musical que cautiva a multitudes, B-Liv platicó en exclusiva con Publimetro sobre cómo obtuvo uno de los premios más cotizados en el rubro de la música electrónica: el MXP4 Remix Contest del Ministry of sound-London 2010, organizado a principios de año en donde más de 500 concursantes a nivel mundial envían sus sets con el sueño de obtenerlo. Éste es uno de los sellos más icónicos del sonido Dance global, y su remix "Touch me" de Tina Moore fue el más votado.

“Encontré la convocatoria en Internet y envié mi remix, fue una grata sorpresa cuando fui notificado que mi remix fue el ganador entre otros 500 enviados por djs de todo el mundo, principalmente europeos. Los latinoamericanos nos somos tan reconocidos en este género, pero haber ganado el premio dio muestra de que contamos con calidad” comentó.

Así mismo dijo que los djs de España son grandes. Entre sus iconos están Peter Rauhofer, Dj Chus, Wally Lopez, Dj Wady, Laurent Gartnier y Kaskade. - Publimetro México


Featured Singles in 2015-2016

TOP 50 TECH HOUSE / Dec 2015 - there is no difference (my own beat records)
TOP 50 TECHNO / Nov 2015 - wrong is right (konneqt recoRds)
TOP 30 TECH HOUSE / Sep 2015 - house evolution (my own beat records)
TOP 50 SOULFUL HOUSE / Sept 2015 - house evolution (my own beat records)



Mexican/Colombian House Music Dj & Producer, My Own Beat records & Molacacho records Owner and a high believer in the power of underground house music. He started his career more than 18 years ago in Colombia, living now in México City for almost 10 years where he has successfully consolidated an international career.

As Dj & Producer.
His hard work has given him the opportunity to play in the biggest venues in Mexico such as "Zocalo Capitalino" and international tours in USA and Latin America, achieving also important nominations/awards such as:

- 1st. place / Ministry of Sound MXP4 Remix Contest (LONDON 2010)
- 2nd place / Mousse T’s Remix Contest D.I.S.C.O  (BERLIN 2010)
- 4th place / WEMC global contest by Mixmag (LONDON 2014)
- Pioneer dj / México 2012
- Focusrite / Novation Artist / méxico 2013 - 2015
- Best DJ in Mexico / the DCA (Dance Clubbing Awards) 2012
- Top 10 of the best DJ’s in México / DJ Concept Magazine 2011 - 2012
- Best House Mexican Producer  / House4Love awards - 2014
- Nominated for Best DeepHouse Dj / DJ WORLD CONFERENCE México - 2015

His music has been signed by some of the most important record labels in the underground house music scene and has climbed many times the Top 100 and top 10 charts in tech house, house, deep house, soulful and techno.
His tracks has been supported by Todd Terry, Stanny Abram, Joeski, The Deepshakerz, J Paul Getto, Steve Mac, Michael Grey, SoulAvengers, Richard Earnshaw, Laurent Garnier, Demarkus Lewis, Roland Bartha, Roland Clark, BassMonkeys, My Digital Enemy, Tocadisco, 2GoodSouls, Dantiez Saunderson, Armand Pena, Sonny Wharton, and more.

Band Members