Blizzard at Sea

Blizzard at Sea

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Blizzard at Sea is a metal band that draws influence from a range of subjects, including film, philosophy, art, literature, and science.


Blizzard at Sea is a three-piece metal band that plays a dynamic blend of sludge, progressive, and post-metal. Their songwriting is defined by complex structures and textures that forgo traditional conceptions of genre. Driven by sprawling guitar riffs and frenzied drumming, Blizzard at Sea's heavy sound is shaped not by the imaginary rules of the music scene, but by what feels right.

Formed in early 2010 and driven by a passion for music, Blizzard at Sea has constantly pushed themselves to share their sound with as many people as possible. In addition to playing numerous shows around the Midwest, Blizzard at Sea recorded a demo in December 2010 and released their anticipated debut EP, Invariance, scarcely a year after formation. A concept EP, it covers topics including mining deep underground, wormholes, memory, and the fabric of the cosmos itself.

Currently, the band is working to release an album-length video for Invariance and is in the writing process for their next release.

The band's sound begins with a massive wall of fuzzy bass, serving as the glue that holds together the eclectic drumming and intelligent guitar work. Commanding vocals complete the powerful orchestration and serve as thought-out accents rather than the focus of the songs. Apparent in their songwriting, artwork, and even name, Blizzard at Sea is about the communication of ideas, concepts, and other worlds.


Nature Abhors a Vacuum (demo) - December 2010
Invariance - July 2011
Individuation - December 2012

Set List

Islands of Stars
Closed Universe
Action at a Distance
Accelerating Returns