Blizzy Ballard

Blizzy Ballard

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

Engaging, enticing, aware, relative, and approachable. Blizzy Ballard's music is a reflection of himself and the people he entertains.


Songwriter, student, and fledging pianist are a few of the titles claimed by artist Blizzy Ballard. A Memphis, TN native, Blizzy has maintained a close relationship with music since the early age of 9 years old. "I rememeber buying CD's, listening to albums from beginning to finish, and being able to pick the second and third singles; from then on, I knew I would only find happiness in music."

Discovering his own talent was inevitable as he began to study hip hop, the culture, and why words coupled with beats touched so many people. Coming from a city with a rich musical background, the people that Blizzy credits for his influence may be surprising. "Of course the Illmatic's and the Reasonable Doubt's of the world made an impact on me. But my not-so cliche influences include people like Spike Lee, Malcolm X, and Donny Hathaway. I've always been amazed by stories of triumph over adversity and how those stories shaped the lives of those who tell them and those who hear them."

Overcoming his own setbacks were critical in forming his music; coming from a broken home, witnessing the abuse of his mother, gang affiliation, and being falsely accused of a crime are just a portion of the real life experiences that seep through Blizzy's lyrics. The vulnerability and honesty in his songs compliment a flow that is boastful yet humbling. Asked of his mission as an artist, Blizzy says "Anybody can rap. I'm studying music because I want to be a musician. Musicians take you along on ups and downs, the highs and lows. I'm not afraid to be me, and I want that to be shown as I put together songs. I'm unique, but at the same time I'm just like the people who listen to me. All in all, I want to last." Gearing up for the release of his mixtape "The Mix Experiment", the music, people, and fashion that helped cultivate Blizzy Ballard is now ready for the world.