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Straight from the arctic lapland in Sweden, Blänks eclectic mix of dance, rap and elektropop has already created a buzz on blogs all over the world. Get to know them here!


Lina is already a member of The Touch and Klas is a swedish grammy nominee in hiphop, but when they get together with rapper Young Ivy they create something thats nothing like the ordinary. A eclectic mix of pop, elektro and hiphop thats already made e'm favourites on both swedish radio and some of the biggest indiemusic blogs in USA, Australia, Holland, Russia and Sweden. Blänk has released one digital album, and 3 singles worldwide in 2009 alone. New album out in 2010.

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Shirt off

Written By: Klas Granström, Simon Trabelsi

Shirt Off

Young Ivy:

I’m so clean, stepped out the bachelor pad/
I radiate international swag
Style is a little bit of Euro Trash/
jeans kinda skinny and they’re filled with cash
Scent on my neck is Egyptian Musk/
when we’re in the club, women stick to us
I’m already drunk and ridiculous/
every damn week I am such a lush, yup
Cover charge at the club so expensive/
everybody in the place so pretentious
I don’t give a damn, I make my entrance/
straight to the dance floor, so relentless
strobelights flashing, smoke machines/
this girl is all over me
burning up, it’s way too hot/
I take it off and now I’ve got my shirt off

Chorus 1:

I’ve got my shirt off, my shirt off
Come on and take your shirt off
Just take your shirt off, your shirt off

Hey, they’re playing my song again/
Gotta run back to the bar again
Everybody’s like “what’s wrong with him,/
Why this little dude got his shirt off again?”
And I don’t care man, yea I know I’m skinny/
But I’m feeling myself, I’ma show my skinny
Got a smile on my face cause I know I’m winning/
Y’all front if y’all want, but y’all know y’all feel it
She’s feeling me and she bought me a Smirnoff/
Rubbing on my chest, cause I’ve got my shirt off
Hot, sweating, burning up/
That’s my shhh, yea turn it up
Whole damn club is jumping now/
Raise my cup up, jump around
Security staring hard/
But I don’t care, I keep it off

Chorus 2:

I’ve got my shirt off, my shirt off
Come on and take your shirt off
Security’s like “put your shirt on”
I’m like “naw, I’ma keep my shirt off”
Come on and take your shirt off, your shirt off


I’m so drunk, I don’t know how it got to this/
I don’t know where my track jacket is
My drink, I done lost like half of this/
Going dumb, spilling and splashing it

No shirt it’s too hot for me/
No sir, it don’t stop with me
Girl take off your top with me/
Strip down to your bra with me (repeat)

Repeat Chorus 1 and Chorus 2


"You've never been to Sápmi" - album 2009, "Juicy" - single 2010, "Shirt off" - single 2009, "Im going for your brother" - single 2009

Set List

Blänk does club gigs with a set list of 6-7 songs or full concerts. One deejay, one rapper and a singer - on a tight and very energetic performance.