What you hear on these tracks is just a slight taste of what to expect. We're still unsigned, but if you find us interesting don't hesitate to contact us - our new material will knock your socks off!


Blow is a Danish Rock N’ Metal band, born in autumn 2001. In the period of 2001-2003, Blow recorded 3 demo-EP’s with a crew consisting of Kobber, Six, Ole, Peter Hansen (Drums) and Anders Hjort (Bass). After the third EP, “Better Louder Older Wiser” - the band found themselves standing at a crossroad, when it came to the level of ambitions. It resulted in the replacement of the drummer and bass player. After short time two new musicians joined Blow. Junes on bass and Heino on drums.
This replacement made the band even stronger, and after being on national TV and radio, Blow booked the Soundzone Studio in autumn 2004 with Lars Schmidt (Konkhra, Furious Trauma) behind the knobs. The result was the EP “Redirected”, which became an important milestone in the history of Blow. After three days at the Danish music-portal, Blow reached number 1 at the Metal Top 30-list with the song “Redirecting” and this song is still on the Top 30 list! Later same year Blow got a call from a film-producer. He wanted to use “Redirecting” and “Until” in a new Danish movie. Blow accepted without any doubts!

The EP, “Redirected” is produced in 2004 and a lot has happened since then! We’ve got a lot of great reviews, lot’s of new fans, lot’s of jobs and right now we’re getting ready for The All Ears Bleeding Tour, where we will be playing in Austria, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. And the latest news is our new guitarist Christian!

The Danish music-portal has just released their statistics…:

Blow reached 8th place on the 2005 Download Chart – and that’s a pretty good result considering that has more than 7.000 bands on their website!! No danish band in this genre of music, has ever accomplished that before! The singles “Redirecting” and “Until” are placed 1st and 2nd on the 2005 Metal Single Download Chart.

Blow has big ambitions and our goal is absolutely to mark ourselves on the europian rock and metal scene. We are constantly evolving and we are now - more than ever - ready to kick some serious ass!


2004 - "Redirected" EP

2003 - "Better Louder Older Wiser" Demo

2002 - "Wrongfully Amused" Demo

2001 - "Birth Life Orbituary Why?" Demo

Set List

Our set is approx. 45-60 minutes long. Some old stuff, and definately new stuff...