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Miami, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Never Come Down
Over Here
Center Of Attraction
This Is How We Ride (Suicide)
Video Suicide (This Is How We Ride)



While Hip-Hop is drowning in karaoke with generic artists that continue to send the wrong message to today’s consumers, comes Block 4 Block to restore quality and creativity exactly what the game has been missing. Block 4 Block is a Miami based (BUT NOT LOCAL) rap group that is here to deliver an innovative style to the world.
The group was started in 2004 with just two members Slim-Dogg and Peter Blaize, having an extensive history behind the scenes in the industry. These newcomers bring the poise of a veteran rap group with the ability to craft musical compositions inspired by all genre’s of the world; rapid fire, delivering melodic, soulful, introspective and festive energy pack anthems to keep you moving and grooving from the perspective of a multicultural city.
Slim-Dogg was born the oldest of 3 children on March 5, 1984 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He then came to Miami Fl at the age of three years old. Fresh from another country he faced many obstacles that made him who he is today. He say’s “Man this was a long road,” I aint know a lick of English when I got here as a child, but a couple of “cat in the hat Dr. Suess books” later I mastered this talk game.” While attending North Miami Middle school, Slim-Dogg found a passion for writing poetry, he says “you know, I just wanted the girls back then, and they loved hearing’ sum of that poetry, so dat was my approach n they loved it!” It was not until Slim-Dogg’s 7th grade year that his teacher told him he should try using his poetry to actually build and write music, he says “dats sum of the best advice I ever got was when my teacher in junior high told me I should focus on music, ever since then no one can get me out the booth. I’m focused, n I just wanna let ya’ll know... it’s on!”
Peter Blaize is a man on a mission, a mission that started in the small Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, born third of 4 children, the attention needed was not given to the middle child which forced him to evolve his creativity. While living in his native home the music that would change his life reached him from the streets of New York, Los Angeles, and Miami via satellite and summer vacations to the east coast. Although the music expanded Blaize’s worldview it was not until he learned to speak English at the age of 9 when moving to Miami that same year in 1994. It wasn’t long before the streets caught up with Blaize. Growing up in Miami in the 90’s was a rough time for everyone, especially the son of a Haitian immigrant. The schoolyard insults turned to fights, the fights turned to crime. “The daily test we had to pass gave us all a strong bond and a sense of pride,” says Blaize when speaking about growing up in the Miami Dade County area. Highly influenced by the greats who’ve touched the microphone such as Tupac Shakur, Bone Thugs & Harmony, and Scarface, just to name a few he officially began writing rhymes in 97 after meeting a mutual friend that would later introduce him to Slim Dogg.

The duo is a part of a collective of inspiring artist’s who were locally known as G.B.6. After branching out in order to expand and explore new levels of success, honing their skills and paying dues in various aspect of the industry from paper work to writing rhymes even manning the boards when the time calls and the list goes on. “Those years were like school we learn a lot from all the situation’s and position’s we were blessed with,” says the duo. Block 4 Block decided that its time to unleash the best kept secret of the Miami music scene prepping their debut L.P. “ WISH YOU WERE HERE “ and “Debut Single: Never Come Down” inspired by the movie “Get them to the Greeks” supplying high quality material such as the Dangerous Mind’s mix-tape series as well as individual project from Slim-Dogg and Peter Blaize. Leaving the fans salivating for Hip-Hop served gourmet style “Bonne Appetite”.