We're kind of like the Ramones in a way. Like a Green Day sort of way, we just sound different, in an Alkaline Trio kind of way. We don't really follow all the rules and we like to make things up as we go. This translates well into our music.


3 of us have been friends since the 4th grade. We all started playing music independently of each other around the 7th grade. We were all into metal at first but grew out of that and into punk and hardcore music. All of our music is pretty straight forward but it sounds poetic at the same time. Like if the Ramones wanted to sound more mainstream around their time. We have the same ideals, with a high energy raw sound.

David, the vocalist/guitarist writes a majority of the music. Everything he writes is heartfelt and honest.

Nate, plays in a bunch of bands in New England. Music is basically his life

Gooch, the drummer plays in a pop-punk band from Portsmouth, NH. They are awesome and young, Gooch being the oldest at 18.

Joey, plays bass. All he wants to do in his life is play bass in a band. That and re-write the sound of mainstream music.

The band got together because we had songs written that needed to be played. After our best friend (damn near the 5th member) Pat passed away, we all decided we wanted to take everything as far as we can, including the music we make.

We are the most random looking group of friends you can put on a stage.


If you make it...

Written By: Blockhead

Is what we had any different
than anything you gave on
If pricks could fly
you'd be a dick
I almost though we were having fun
To be real
To be completely honest
be real
Just keep keeping on. You'll live like royalty and we'll bow down to your throne. I won't move on and you'll listen to this song and remember who I was.
I feel some of this is not just politics
I'm sorry that's the feeling talking.
We talked some shit
enough of it.
It left a shitty taste on both our tongues.


Written By: Blockhead

What's one night awake for you. You sleep all day to avoid the news. Tune in to another late night exclusive on how to beat someone without leaving bruises.
Then you'll in all its glory what it's like to sleep on tonight's top story.

This funny thing betrayal we all do it sometimes. Don't bother with 911, we both know we want this to die. There's been a murder/suicide.
Calling all cars, there is a knife in both the victims back's, we can't tell who died first.

I can't believe you think I made it to bed. I can't believe you think I slept. I can never let you know I've been up all night burying my heavied head in pillows that always feel to stiff. Convincing myself that this isn't why I'm so sick.

I hope you're up all night.
I hope the feeling in you're gut eats you alive.


"If you make it..." CD

2 songs from the CD are on our myspace. Blockhead has been featured on a few Podcasts and we are currently seeking independent/college radio airplay.

Set List

-Hand Cake
-If you make it
-The kids are just fine, trust me

Sometimes we work in some covers. We have a rearranged version of "Born to Run" we have yet to play. Usually we just cover punk songs if any.

Our sets are usually around 20 minutes to 30 minutes long. We have enough songs to play for about an hour.