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Robert Badgett aka Direct was born in Boston MA to Robert Badgett Jr. and Maggie Houston in the early summer month of June 1980. His parents got divorced when he was only five years old. His father struggled with an alcohol addiction and was a local womanizer and drug dealer. When Direct were 8 his mother remarried and moved to Brockton with his brother and sister. Later giving birth to his younger sister. Direct grew up like many separated households weekends and summers in the city of Boston and weekdays spent in Brockton. As years grew on he began to be attracted to the same things he watched his father do. Money, drugs and women. He spent his days as a teenager in school slacking barely graduating and nights hanging partying and smoking weed. As time went on the love for weed and women
grew very dim.

His mother’s family had a strong church back round. Many Sundays were spent in the back of the church sleeping. Finally it was time to wake up. Direct began to seriously seek God at the age of 18 yrs old. He was mentored by a youth minister at his church. Today Direct is the President of Bloctrine Records. He’s married to his beautiful wife Lanisha and they have boys, Jahmeir and Robert IV. He is currently in school and training to become an ordained minister and finishing his degree in business management. “ I’ve been called to servant hood so I’m willing to serve the hood” Direct.



Written By: Direct and Preach for Verbal Witness

O.K. let me begin by ushering in/ the only name worth saying when your stuck in your sin/ Jesus Christ the light- Jahova the banner/ every knee shall bow screaming hail Hosanna/ who reign supreme God man Eleohim/ No other name spoken when it comes to the king/ Check the resume all other God's are a featherweight/ challenging and conquering sin like a heavyweight/ Heavy hate hit hard while hanging on a cross/ wearing the weight of the world but He never got off/ And I don't mean the cat that raps for the R.O.C and DefJam/ I mean the Rock that broke the plot in deaths plan/ Let's stand if you can and reverence the man/ who olds the weight of the world in the palm of his hand/ that's Christ that's Life that's every thing you need/ that's Love that's Truth that's Who we want to be like/ from night to day, gotta keep paving the way/ for the one who made the way for us to be saved/ Think oh the J, think of the e, thinkof the sus/ think of the cross think of the nails now ask who's blessed - YES

Chorus - (2x)

Who was born to die bring the truth no lie trumpets will sound when He cracks the sky

Who die on the cross shed blood for the lost gave his life for the ultimate cost

I can't begin to explain the depth of his name for taking the pain/ accepting the shame neglecting the fame exposing his vain/ the pain was hard to sustain but he remain/ when a six inch split through his wrist/ did He resist? Nah man He never cashed in His chips/ when wacked wit a whip even when they asked Him to quit/ He keep on, bleed on, hang nailed to a tree/ He weep on, Left on said, " I'll see you in three"/ couldn't believe Christ rose left the grave and the clothes/ mouth hanging wide open saying where did he GO/ Oh so notorious Christ showed He's glorious/ without a doubt in my mind I know that He is ......... Victorious

We bring greeting in the name of the Lord/ J to the ezzy s-u-s nevertheless/ his death was made public/ atoned before God for man/ not forsken through it all the Father held His hand/ He was the Chosen/ Son of the Trinity, Father His Divinity, magnificent, Holy Spirit infinate/ who's bigger then creation in your history books/ my Creators history is in your Bible the Book/ is full of Spiritual material your wonderfully and perfectly made in His image/ those denying Him them is/ on the way to the place of the dead/ punishment eternally is going down in the place of the dead/ BUT I've got good news if you can never your mind and open your heart/ right now the opportunity starts/ So if your listening come out of sin become born again/ and when you run into your man's and them tell them that your a christian.

Chorus - (2x)

Who was born to die bring the truth no lie trumpets will sound when He cracks the sky

Who die on the cross shed blood for the lost gave his life for the ultimate cost..........Jesus!


Single - Thank You 1999 (featured artist)
Single - Blame Nada 2001(featured artist)
LP - Controversy 2003 (featured artist)
Compilation - Above Ground-release date Sept. 2004 (featured artist)
D.I.R.E.C.T- THE BEGINING EP Nov.2005 (solo artist)

Set List

DIRECT has a ministry filled gospel Hip-Hop set for the saved and the unsaved alike. Our set is structured to share a part of ourselves as well as speak life into those who may be without (Their) Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Also, Direct offers a power pact 1-1/2 hour stage performance created to keep the attention of the audience.

Blackout - Above Ground Compilation Vol.1
Ya lighta - Above Ground Compilation Vol. 1
Come to Christ - Above Ground Compilation Vol. 1
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