Mexico, The Federal District, MEX

Music is what makes us live,is our lifestyle.Blonda is the priority in our minds, showing all on stage.We want to reach all ears because we know we can offer that thing the people want or need to hear and feel when they buy an album or go to our concert.


Blonda born in early 2009 in Mexico City with the clear objective of making original music to carry it anywhere in the world. 

The production of his first LP "Momentos sin Recuerdo" (Mexico, 2011) consists of 8 songs and is where energetic music, underground sounds and letters shown with a lively atmosphere. The album was mastered in "Spectre Studio" in Seattle USA with engineer Troy Glessner which has extensive experience with these types of bands and genre. 

In late September 2011 were creditors OurStage prize organized by MTV Latino and 1 single "Dime" has had continuous space in the radio program "Spanish-speaking" on REACTOR 105.7 and Exa Radio Monterrey. 

The pre-production of their second L.P. "11:11" starts in early 2012 where their sound evolve Blonda is watching and listening to the social and musical trends to mix with his musical strength and good treatment of melodic lines. The production of the same (2013) with the participation of "Johis" Insite drummer and Kar Accidents which gives an extra plus to disk, providing a solid rhythmic base, the post-production is currently underway by Juan Carlos "JC Lam Productions "in the city of Mexicali BC which you are mixing the album giving it an energetic sound and projection called "Tight Mix" which can be seen in American productions rock genre and its variants. The mastering will take place in "Sterling Sound" in New York City USA where they have mastered discs peak and high caliber artists worldwide. 


Lp: " Momentos sin recuerdo "