Blonde Afro

Blonde Afro


What would it sound like if Beck and Frank Zappa did an album with James Brown after listening to Tchaikovsky? I write personal and political songs backed by a folksy, funky electronic big-band accompaniment.


I've been called a genius, a retard, a god, an asshole, a nerd, a faggot, gifted, evil, boring, amazing, brilliant, talented, talentless, and more. The truth is somewhere in between.

I'm a composer and songwriter who works in a wide range of styles, from jazz to rock to classical. I'm trying to be Beck, Dizzy Gillespie, Moby, and Tchaikovsky all rolled into one person.

As an only child who grew up in the middle of nowhere in the great Midwest, music was my outlet and my way of staying entertained for hours as a kid. I started recording songs at the age of 11, and by my early twenties I had written music for several professional plays in Ohio.

In 2004, I released my first CD, entitled Surplus Cheese. This infamous collection of satirical and political songs drew rave reviews from some and head-scratching from others. The album featured dryly humorous lyrics set to an electronic big band accompaniment. Much to my delighted surprise, the pseudo-Christmas song called “Li’l Drummer Boy” ended up being played on radio stations across the country.

2009 welcomed the release of My Own Little World, my second CD. This collection of highly personal songs drew from an eclectic mix of influences, including rock, alternative, blues, funk, and folk. It was recorded during a 3-year period in which I lost 5 family members and experienced the sudden end of a long-term relationship. Nonetheless, the music was certainly not all doom and gloom. Ultimately, it had a sense of energy and hopefulness that I hope resonated with listeners.

Along the way, I’ve also written everything from wedding music to advertising jingles, and in 2009 my orchestral piece Every Dog Has His Day was premiered by the Jubilee Orchestra in Asheville, NC.

Please contact me if you would like to license existing works or commission new ones! I'm currently looking for opportunities to reach a wider audience through live music ensembles, vocalists, independent film, television, advertising, and video games.


Troubleshoot The Moon (2013)
My Own Little World (2009)
Surplus Cheese (2004)