Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopRock

High octane.. great lyricists... punk rock energy..great songwriters.. audience including.. we use to call it stadium rap .. now we just call it Blondegang.


Loud, weird and utterly unavoidable, Blonde Gang exudes a sense of presence that is incomparable to anything else coming out of this century. Although they call LA home, they have come to Philly to turn this world upside down, inside out and Neon colored, if they have the chance. Originally comprising of a small group of friends, what started out as just a facebook page has evolved into a movement that spans not only the United States but the world itself. The message? "Fuck Opinions... Live Your Life." Not exactly your mother's little white gloves, but it'll work. The fact of the matter is that this collection, or family as they are quick to correct you, of rappers, photographers, model and other odds and ends society are here to make a difference and aren't leaving until the whole world is rockin lighter roots.

However, they've made it quite clear that Blonde Gang isn't just a thread (on Twitter or otherwise). It's a support system for people that actually think for themselves. For those that want to become a Blonde Ganger, don't worry. Dying your hair isn't a requirement. Yes, Blonde Gang's name may have come from them all having Blonde hair, but that's not what its about. Anyone that has a mind of their own can join from toddlers to models to old criminal grannies. As long as you are in search of the main Blonde Gang goal: happiness.

Knowing all of this, its easy to see why Blonde Gang has had such a welcome response. Of course there are some people that object but they are few, far and in between. After all, they aren't runnin Philly, they're "crip-walkin it."

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