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"Song Review/PopTart"


Review of Poptart by Victoria Clamp
No Doubt Jr.
This song is good, these girls rock

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Mood

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
- Silkk12
Beckley, West Virginia

Signature Review I don't want to let you go so I'm NOT! LOL
Great recording! The vocals made me fall in love from the very start and the band was very good too. I nominate it for the "Best feel good track" and I don't hand those out very
Reviewed by: KeithPhillips from Nashville, Tennessee

If you liked the old stylings of the
Cranberies...check this
Well done in the pop rock style! Female vocals are
perfect and very appropriate for this style. I like the
song it really is relaxing and nice to listen to.... produced really well! Nice job.
stopperanc - Denver, Colorado / June 2000

movie soundtrack-yness
i like it- it sounds cool, like love movie soundtrack-yness! i'd buy it on cd definitely

ashleybing - Tomball, Texas

Road Trip
I want to dance around the room to this! This is a rockin' indie chick band, and needs more girls.

cool_breez - Fayetteville, Arkansas

Lilith Fair Meets Riot Grrrl
Just from listening to this song I could tell this band would go over big with the pop-rock indie scene. I really liked the chorus, it seemed semi-remenscent of some other artists I find quite similar, like Nina Gordon for example. If you're into poppy rock by female singers, then this band is one you should check out.

Reminiscent of something old but has an original twist!
Catchy tune - great strong vocals. Great beat - your beginning reminds of a group from long ago but I can't name who it was!! Keep up the great songwriting and playing - good luck.

Put this one in your shopping basket
Some unusual, and clever ways of interelating the chords and the melody here. Some nice dynamic changes in the musical arrangement. Prepossessing female vocals and witty lyrics. A first class track.

Playlist addition!
Very distinctive, attention-grabbing voice and catchy lyrics. I really hope this gets airplay!

sexyrexy - Lacey, Washington

Female-friendly pop
An indie-pop Corrs.

mwww - Singapore, Singapore

Playlist addition!
Very distinctive, attention-grabbing voice and catchy lyrics. I really hope this gets airplay!

sexyrexy - Lacey, Washington

You got a hold on me..."
Caught me of guard with the opening lyrics borrowing from 'I only want to be with you', an excellent way to get this listeners attention. A really hi-fi production, you can tell these guys know there way around a studio. I really would'nt be suprised to hear this in the charts. The only criticsm would be the fade out, i'd end the song with proper outro. With the right management and breaks they could make the 'hit parade'.

PhilJones - Nottingham, Other, UK

Great song
this was a really good song - i wouldn't change it.

CommandJ - Cedarville, Ohio

As sweet sounding as the singer (Ahhh)
Nice melody. This song sounds like it has been rehearsed, unlike other songs. Nice voice for vocals.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Melody, Beat
Special Award:Best Potential Movie Soundtrack

Noramic - Smithfield, Utah

Shopping at
Great voice, awesome lyrics...great song

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Lyrics, Beat, Mood
Special Award:Most Rocking Track

aimlee1975 - Jacksonville, Florida

Very radio-worthy
nice lyrics and well presented. This should be on the radio for sure.

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Lyrics

red_lotus - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Listeners on

"Song Review/Sundress"


Review of Sundress by Victoria Clamp
Instant Sunshine
As soon as this song came on I was instantly put into a better mood. The energy on this track is high. I liked the rock sound with the percussion. This is great alternapop. It has a no doubt/poe kind of feel. Although, the vocals sound original and this picked me up a bit more. Nice twist with the reggae feel. Catchy tune with great bass and percussion.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Drums, Bass, Production, Lyrics, Beat, Mood

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
- purplelight
North Judson, Indiana

While this song mixes multiple genres, it fits together seemlessly, helped by the superb female vocals! she's got a cool sound to her that doesn't remind me of anyone else, always pays to have your own thing going. a cool track.

- darrenrocks
Studio City, California

Loved It!!!
WOW!!! I loved this tune...the only problem i had with it was that it was too short...the lead vocalist had a great 80's style voice that blew me away...and the blend of reggea was fantastic...a genius idea really!!! It had a happy, dance style beat that made me want to move...The percussion was also a big plus...but the greatest thing about this song...the reason everyone should hear it is because of the great effects concerning the background kewl!!! Loved the laugh at the end...BRAVO!!!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Drums, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Beat, Mood
Special Award: Best Feel Good Track

Very radio-worthy
nice lyrics and well presented. This should be on the radio for sure.

red_lotus - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This chick rocks
Great sunshine track - nice start!

canalside - Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK

- Listeners on

"Song Review/Glad"

REVIEWS FOR GLADReview of I'm Really Glad by Victoria Clamp
Blondie Lives!
Very bouncey little indie track; reminds of cheap beer fuel'd adventures or a college road-trip movie. Vocal content is very catchy [too catchy dammit] and as far as production goes it does the job. Ending rocks... love to see this played live in a kicking little joint under a pier.

Extra Credit: Mood

Reviewed by: loopmusic from Hong Kong, Hogn Kong Island, H...
This reviewer is rated 100% after 5 written reviews

Pop Goes The Weasel
Nice and Poppy! Love the very catchy "na-na-na" backing chorus. Good beat too. Kinda new century The Waitresses.

Extra Credit: Beat

Review of I'm Really Glad by Victoria Clamp
There's nothing about this song I don't like. It's very catchy the musicianship is top notch the vocals are sexy. Professional recording quality. Keep up the Great work!!!!!Awesome arrangement by the way!

Extra Credit: Female Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards/Organ/Piano, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood

Review of I'm Really Glad by Victoria Clamp
Rockin' and Ready
Great production. Love the vocals. It's very smooth and well put together. Definitely radio ready.

Make Room In The Top 10!
Finally! A song that just reaches out and grabs me and doesn't let go. This is a sure fire HIT! It has it all! Promote this tune. it has all the elements that make modern pop what it is today. The best of luck to you!

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Female Vocals, Drums, Bass, Sequencer/Effects Programming, Production, Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Mood

Special Award: Best Feel Good Track
- weusall
Seminole, Florida - Listeners on

"Review of"

Reviews of Victoria's first album:

There's an empty carseat on the Lilith Fair tour bus. Singer/songwriter Victoria Clamp may claim to be "Saturn's Child," but if her sound is anything to go on, it's more likely, biology aside, that her parents are Sarah McLachlan and Alanis Morissette, with Natalie Merchant and the Eurythmics pitching in to babysit and change diapers. Not to say that her music is immature; the songwriting, best described as female folk rock with a dance beat, is sophisticated and cohesive, a testament to sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist Ray Palagy's all-around competence. The lyrics are classic to the genre: childhood friendships, lost loves, God and spirituality. It won't take teenage girls long to discover that Saturn’s Child is great music for slumber parties or driving home after high school with the windows rolled down.

The cover of Saturn's Child features singer/guitarist Victoria Clamp, perched upon a row of steps, staring off as if in deep thought. Apparently the eclectic mix of stories trapped within the melded plastic are hers. Both emotionally stimulating and fun, Saturn's Child is a smart album full of hooks and lyrical
prowess similar to that of seasoned professionals.

"Freak Of Life" is the first track on the CD. It is by far the band's catchiest radio friendly tune. Lyrically it is unlike most other pop songs to be encountered. It tells a tale of love between two persons, one normal by societies standards, the other is a "helpless being." "You're a freak of life. God sent you to me." It would seem to be the story of a mother to child, but as with all lyrical interpretation, that would remain speculative.

"Mary Anne" is a catchy tune that begins with a flanged drum machine. The sound in itself is instant hook. A childish bounce of chords adds an innocent feel to the verse that is a remembrance of a childhood friend, Mary Anne.

"Looking for Jeff" is an obscure sounding song. At points, the ping pong wah-like sound in the background almost camouflages the tongue in cheek lyrics describing a woman's sexual confusion as another female "was shaking her ass in my face...She was beautiful, downright sensual. For a moment I forgot what gender I was."

"My Favorite Queen" has quite an interesting chord progression played on a semi-distorted guitar. Another catchy chorus, a bit more dissonant that "Freak of Life". It is still a winner.

"Kill You" Musically interesting with an almost ethereal feel, it features a beautifully chorused guitar that is backed by a swirling synth sound. Unfortunately the "I want to rip your throat out" type of lyric doesn't seem to work with the sensuality of Victoria's voice. It just rings a bit to close to Poe like ideology.

"Young Boys" starts off with a wonderful synth violin entrance. Victoria sounds amazing in this song. The added background singing of Liz Clayton makes for some great harmonies. One of the best songs on the disc!

"Nothing Much" is a folk-like little ditty. Describing city life, it's chorus bears a typical 70's sounding guitar, a la the Wah Wah sound. However layered above this overused and "boring" sound is some great vocal work. A few simpler harmonies and such ride high about and compliment the usually annoying Wah.

"So Sad" opens with a Beatles like synthesizer. At points, this sound bears the feel of an almost Middle Eastern key. The vocals are quite catchy and after a few listens this one will defiantly stick in your head.

"Somewhere Better" is my favorite song on the Disc. It featured meandering bass line, swelling guitar like sounds closely related to the sonic feel of a whale in heat. The best part of the song however is the chorus. Dealing with eternity, reincarnation, and "Somewhere Better" the song is well thought out both lyrically and musically. It is truly a gem.

"Food For My Soul" This again showcases a Middle Eastern like sound at points with a bouncy chorus.

"Black Hole" begins with a groovy little popping sound and smooth distorted guitar running through the chord motions...quite interesting.

"Saturn's Child" starts off to a mix of bouncy drums and a cool synthesizer. The vocals throughout the song are great. Victoria's voice takes on a whole other personality throughout this song.

"Gone" has a space like depth to it. Recorded and produced well, it contains a mix of synthesized strings, piano like chords, and some minor sounding arpeggiated guitar parts, slowly picked in a most depressing manner. Lyrically the song is quite emotional, dealing with a lost love and the internally conflicting regret it has spawned. The song bears several vocal nuances and a wave of emotion between verse and chorus. One could imagine this song on a movie soundtrack.

The music is solid throughout most of the CD. Ray Palagy shows throughout the album that he is more than proficient in his musical "art." Victoria, however, steals the show. Not only do I whole heartedly recommend this CD I would recommend seeing these guys live should they come to a town near you. If her singing style is any indication of her on stage persona, Victoria would be classified as witty, smart, sexual, and intriguing. -

"The Guardian"

Excerpt from England’s “Guardian” about Victoria:

“...At the front of the stage...Victoria is tall and pretty...she is a dervish, sprinting across stage hitting various percussion instruments, waving to the crowd and never missing a syllable.” - The Guardian


Saturn's Child 1999
BlondeStreak 2003



On the Upper East Side of New York City in the 90's....

Victoria landed a great gig, a spot in the Tom Tom Club, featuring members of the Talking Heads. They had some hit songs in the Eighties and here in the Nineties were still riding that wave and were now taking Victoria with them. Traveling as far as Brazil and Europe and touring the US numerous times, she would perform in opening slots for Nineties bands like the B52's and the Fine Young Cannibals. She toured alongside Debbie Harry and the Ramones. At a show in LA, she even shared the mic with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For some of their last ever live performances, she performed with all members of the Talking Heads. And she appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman"...all the while, honing her craft of songwriting and teaching herself guitar.
Her first self produced CD landed in the Top 30 on Indie College Radio charts across the nation, as well as placing a song on NBC's "Homicide". She has sung support vocals for other artists' records, such as Vitamin C, C&C Music Factory, and the Blue Man Group. Her joy of life became evident in the playful, poppy songs of her second self produced album, 'BlondeStreak'.

Now living in Connecticut, Victoria continues working with her long-time co-writer/drummer/producer, Ray Palagy.
This year they were joined by NYC bassist Tom Evans.

Last year they got two songs on NHL and WNBA commercials for ESPN and ABC. Victoria was also called in to do voiceovers for ESPN/ABC.

* Two appearances on Late Night with Letterman
* Two music videos
* Seven albums
* Several worldwide tours
* Singing appearance on Daytime Soap
* Tom Tom Club, 1990- present
* Deborah Harry, 1995
* Talking Heads, 1990
* C+C Music Factory "Gonna Make You Sweat" 1990, CBS
* "Loving" ABC TV 1995
* Eve's Plumb, Cherry Alive, 1995, Sony
* Kate Ceberano, Globe, 1996, Elektra
* Blue Man Group, NYC, 1997
* Vitamin C, 2001 Elektra
* Kasey Krowley, 2001, Atlantic
* Lead Vocalist with Tribute to the Shangri-Las 1990-2002
* Lead Vocalist for Blondestreak 2000-2005
* Venues include Madison Square Garden & Carnegie Hall

has played at these places so far…

Passaic County Fair, NJ
Univ. of Maine, Orono, ME
Paul Smith’s College, NY
Elms College, MA
Stonybrook University, NY
Fairleigh Dickinson University, CT
Central Park Bandshell, NYC (sponsored by Summer in the Park Music Series)
Shennanigans, South Norwalk, CT
Black River Barn, NJ
Sidewalk Café, NYC
Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY
An Beal Bocht, Riverdale, NY
38-9, Long Island City, NY
Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY (filmed for Astorax Productions)
Luna Lounge NYC
Tobacco Road, NYC
The Bitter End, NYC (sponsored by CSN concert series)
The Elbow Room, NYC
The Cutting Room, NYC (sponsored by “Women Who Rock” magazine)
Continental, NYC (sponsored by Budweiser)
Downtime, NYC
CB’s Gallery, NYC
Arlene’s Grocery, NYC
Acme Underground, NYC
Sidewalk Café, NYC
Amberjacks, South Norwalk, CT
59 Bank Street, New Milford, CT
Jitters, Southington, CT
Session 73, NYC
Sully’s, Hartford,CT
Black Eyed Sally’s, Hartford, CT
Crown and Hammer, Collinsville, CT
The Hungry Tiger, Manchester, CT
Snitch, NYC