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Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
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"Blondfire: Where The Kids Are (Video Premiere)"

LA brother/sister duo Blondfire recently contacted us about premiering the video for their new single "Where the Kids Are" which is scheduled for digital release November 1st. After listening to the track/watching the video we are definitely happy to oblige. Great indie pop track that gives me a bit of an MGMT vibe and should appeal to fans of that classic sound. Her voice is really lovely as well, think you guys will dig it. Check out the stream/video which has a bit of a Lord of the Flies theme going. I'm sure we'll be hearing alot more from these two. Their self produced album 'Win the Game' is forthcoming. - Off The Radar

"EQ Discovery: Blondfire – “Where The Kids Are”"

By Mandy Rogers

What have we here! It’s American/Brazilian, Brother/Sister Duo Blondfire, appearing on first glance as somewhat an incarnation of Empire Of The Sun! Don’t think they are not all face paint and feathers though, their ability to craft stonkingly amazing alternative pop in our opinion, stands out above head and shoulders high.

Mix up the “Oracular Spectacular” period of MGMT amongst the dreamy synth pop waves of Empire of The Sun and hey-presto you will arrive at Blondfire. (For those of you craving even more knowledge about the band their innovative take on their Biography also wins them Brownie points in originality – so cool!)

That all said, you would be right to presume that Blondfire would not go down the route of convention on their video also. Prepare yourself to witness the Chuckie of the soft toy world come alive in the form of Cowboy Panda Kid.

Blondfire – “Where The Kids Are” is available through iTunes - EQ

"Blondfire volta em clima de vingança em “Where The Kids Are”"

Blondfire volta em clima de vingança em “Where The Kids Are”

Filhos de mãe brasileira, o duo indie pop norte-americano Blondfire – formado pelos irmãos Bruce e Erica Driscoll – apresenta seu single “Where The Kids Are”. Sua sonoridade tem traços dos sintetizadores do MGMT complementados pelo vocal sedutor e delicado de Erica, remetendo Emily Haines do Metric.

O videoclipe de “Where The Kids Are” é uma história lúdica de vingança, de um garoto com o objetivo de aniquilar o urso panda que matou seus familiares, dirigido por Aurelien Levitan.

Clipe de “Where the Kids Are”
O single tem lançamento agendado para o dia 01 de novembro e faz parte do álbum – produzido pela dupla – Win the Game.

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"Blondfire: Where The Kids Are"

Listen to “Where The Kids Are” here

Brother-sister synergy is no everyday commodity. It’s obvious that New York-based, Bruce and Erica Driscoll knew what they had and ran with it. In fact, before there was Blondfire, there was Nectar–a high school band formed with their older sister, Monica. The 3 siblings set out on a national tour, leaving lockers and English class behind for a few years.
Now, after choosing New York City by way of Michigan, the Driscolls are making a name for themselves. Their upbeat sound exudes an air of MGMT’s indie electro vibe with the street-style playfulness of Matt & Kim. Being a slave to my gut feelings, I’d say Blondfire will be keeping the family business open for much longer. Happy listening!

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- Trendland Magazine

"Pop Dee-Lite: Interview With Blondfire"

When I got the new Blondfire CD, My Someday, in the mail, it came with a handwritten note from the brother-sister duo. That’s because Erica and Bruce Driscoll aren’t paying someone to do the marketing and promotion of their debut full-length CD, now available on iTunes and CD Baby. I originally told you about the bright and airy Euro-pop prettiness of My Someday here. In fact, they wrote the songs themselves, recorded the songs themselves, produced the CD themselves and released the CD on their own label, Tender Tender Rush. You can’t get more indie than that. This all comes after they were dropped from EMI in late 2007, after the label was bought out and went through many internal changes. But that didn’t get them down. In fact, they feel like the time they spent working with the major label helped them hone in on what they really wanted in their new album, which was to essentially stay on the same musical path that won them so many fans with their Don’t Whisper Lies EP. Now that the CD has been released, Bruce was nice enough to talk to me about where the duo has been and where they’re heading.

Blondfire – Pretty Young Thing

Dee : What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being in a band with your sister?

Bruce : Each of us knows what the other one likes. We also like similar bands, and harmonies come to us easier. I think our voices compliment each other. There really is no downside. We aren’t much for drama.


Dee : Who are your musical influences?

Bruce : Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths, New Order, 80’s new wave, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers – even film scores. We love the Beatles, too. Great melodies are important. We also have a lot of Brazilian influences because our mother is Brazilian and we’ve spent a fair amount of time there.

Dee : You initially started out as Astaire, but you’ve since changed your band name to Blondfire. Why?

Bruce : We chose Astaire because we liked it and didn’t think it would be associated with Fred Astaire. We were on a tour with Ivy and Stars when our lawyer called and told us that Fred Astaire’s estate called and we had to change our name. At the time, we were broke. We had invested every last cent into the tour and showing labels what we could do without actually being on a label. We were devastated for awhile. We didn’t know what we were going to do. We decided to keep going and went through a list of thousands of band names. We chose Blondfire. The name is nonsensical, really. We decided if our fans like our music, it didn’t really matter what we’re called. We’ve gotten a great response so far to the new name.

Dee : The single L-L-Love from Don’t Whisper Lies was a huge hit as a free download on iTunes, and led to Blondfire being the first unsigned band to record an iTunes Exclusive EP that landed at No. 1. It also ended up on several movie soundtracks. What was your reaction to that?

Bruce : Erica woke up one day and said she dreamed the phrase “L-L-Love.” It took us three hours to write and record the song. We were so happily surprised that people were so into the song. We knew the song had potential, but we never expected that kind of response.

Dee : You were signed to EMI in 2006. What was it like going from no label to a major label?

Bruce : We recorded with EMI for about a year. We had enough songs to fill 20 albums. But EMI wanted us to go in a different direction – a direction they weren’t even sure of. So we just kept writing and writing, when we knew in our hearts we had written enough songs. We did meet a lot of great people while we were there. But the label was bought out, and bands that hadn’t started production were dropped. We were one of those bands. But when we got dropped, there was a sense of relief.

Dee : How so?

Bruce : We took the best songs we had written on our own and spent time mixing them at our parents’ house in Michigan. It was the same thing we had done with our Don’t Whisper Lies EP. We took it back to basics where we felt most comfortable.

Dee : And how do you feel now that you have the finished product in your hand?

Bruce : The album release is therapeutic for us. We set out to be true to ourselves and our sound – to create something that sounds like us. We’re not trying to be anything but who we are, a brother and sister who love making music, and we’re proud that we captured that on My Someday.

Dee : What are your hopes and dreams for your own someday now that My Someday is complete? Where do you go from here?

Bruce : I think we’d both like to be able to really license the songs off this new album a lot. Get them in movies, TV shows, etc., and be able to reach new fans through that route. And hopefully we’ll continue to do well in that area so we can continue to make more and more records. We’re also looking to do a lot of touring. We’re trying to put the word out that we’re looking for a band to go out on the road with. We done a few tours in the past with Ivy, Stars and Robbers on High Street, and we really enjoy playing our music live. - My Old Kentucky Blog

"A note regarding Blondfire"

When we mentioned Blondfire in passing yesterday we realised that, despite the fact that we became scarily obsessed with their 'My Someday' album earlier this year, we never wrote about them here on Popjustice. So here are the facts.


» They are amazing.

» They are the Brazilian/American brother/sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. They began under the name Astaire, but due to legal threats from the Fred Astaire estate they were forced to change their name. The siblings write/record/produce all their own songs and make a refreshing, UK influenced sound that is at once catchy, original, and undeniably their own. Despite their polished, pop hooks, the duo is the true definition of Indie. They’ve literally done nearly everything independently.

» We copied and pasted the bit above from their MySpace, but we agree with all the main points and heartily endorse this event or product.

» Songs like 'Pretty Young Thing', 'L-L-Love' and 'All In My Mind' are all tunes of the very highest order.

» You can listen to tracks on their MySpace but if you like The Cardigans and/or Dragonette you will love them and can just go straight to iTunes to buy the album for eight quid.

» We know that these days people are always banging on about 'the new model' for the music industry and how it is 'the future for new artists' etc etc but browsing through Blondfire's music, accolades, packaging and general presence on Planet Earth it's heartening to see that it is possible for pop people to pull it all off without the results being absolute shit.

» Two thumbs up to Blondfire, etc.

Read more: - Popjustice

"Blondfire Ambition"

By Jim Ray
updated 8/5/2005 4:45:45 PM ET

Budding rock stars, pay attention: Blondfire just might be what the future of the music industry looks like. Erica and Bruce Driscoll, the siblings at the heart of the band, are young, smart, attractive and international — in short, everything a big label dreams of. Oh yeah, and they rock, too.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that they haven’t been signed by a major label. They put out their debut EP, “Don’t Whisper Lies” on their own label, Wax Divine, and have been touring ever since, building a loyal following across the country.
And what of the music? Blondfire delivers a power pop sound that is sensual, unique, rocking, at times ethereal but always engaging.
They charge right out the gates with “L-L-Love,” a guitar and percussion heavy love anthem full of sugary, slinky lyrics. The hypnotic sensuality of Erica’s vocals, with just a hint of flirtation, carries the track – indeed, the album – through a few lyrical rough patches. “Weightless” follows up a little stronger with a perfect amount of twang and sturdier, more longing lyrics.
With the track “Don’t Whisper Lies,” Blondfire mellows out into a delicious lounge sound, with the duo’s strongest hint at their international roots. Children of an American father (who “still rocks some Credence,” Bruce assured me) and Brazilian mother, Blondfire comes by their worldly sound honestly, blending electronica melodies, rock chords and samba-like rhythms. “Right Where I Want You” finishes the EP with a perfect pop ballad that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.
The addition of Ze Luis Oliveira to the mix certainly helped the two find their sound, they said. Ze Luis is renowned for his work as an arranger and with vocalists like Bebel Gilberto, a sound that has clearly influenced Erica. Listeners expecting Stan Getz-like cool jazz, consider yourselves forewarned, this isn’t simply a rehash of “The Girl from Ipanema.” Even though Erica’s vocals hint at her Brazilian roots, the sound the two have crafted is unique.
Even though Blondfire has charted their own course so far, flying solo isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. While there’s plenty of freedom in self-producing an album, Bruce said they miss some of the amenities that come with a major label. Money and studio time, for one, since “Don’t Whisper Lies” was produced mostly using their credit cards. “Every time someone buys an album,” Erica said, “we’re essentially paying ourselves back.”
The duo recently discovered another nicety of major representation: lawyers. Before they took on the moniker Blondfire, the Driscolls were actually known as Astaire, a name they said they still love. Unfortunately, the late Fred Astaire’s estate was none too pleased with the unintentional homage and sicced their lawyers on the rockers. Fearing mounting legal fees, even if the trademark claim was tenuous, the two agreed to find a new name and continue doing what they do best.
They’re now poised to make their ascent to rock stardom, assuming they can remind all of their fans that they’re the same band with a new name. They’ve really taken to the Internet, with the requisite MySpace site and heavy promotion from iTunes. When they were recently featured as the iTunes free artist of the day, they were downloaded more times than any previous band and were the first unsigned group to reach the top 10 on iTunes’ top album charts. They recently recorded an iTunes-only acoustic set and have been incredibly happy in the brave new world of Internet-only distribution. Here’s to the future of self-made pop bliss.
For more information about Blondfire, visit
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Don't Whisper Lies EP - 2005
Auralgasms Comp - 2005
Monster In Law (Soundtrack) - 2006
iTunes Exclusive Acoustic EP - 2006
iTunes Exclusive Holiday EP - 2007
Pretty Young Thing (Single) - 2008
My Someday LP - 2008
Where The Kids Are (Single) - 2011
UPCOMING ALBUM: Win The Game - 2012



Blondfire is the LA based Brazilian/American-brother/sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. Erica's soft, breathy, haunting vocals are at the forefront of a sonic landscape in the vein of MGMT, the Smiths, and the Cardigans. Their songs have been featured in an iTunes Original EP and as the Free-Single-Of-The-Week in addition to appearing in films such as Monster-In-Law, Bangkok Dangerous and I Think I Love My Wife. They're also the first unsigned band to reach #1 on the iTunes Alternative chart.  

Their upcoming album, Win The Game, was self-produced by the siblings. Where The Kids Are, their first single, was mixed by Wally Gagel (of Muse, Folk Implosion and Gorillaz fame). The accompanying video was directed by French director, Aurelien Levitan and features a Lord of the Flies-esque backdrop.

The 'Where The Kids Are Single' will be available digitally November 1st.