Blood and Black Lace

Blood and Black Lace


We are a Hardcore/Emo band from Southern California that likes to write music and have a good time.


Blood And Black Lace was created by Freddy Ayala back in 2004. Freddy (vocalist) and Miguel (rythum guitar) went through several different line ups when they finally encountered Eric (bassist/ b.u. vocals) and Chester (drums). It wasn't until several months later when the original 4 met Alex. Alex (lead guitar) brought a boat load of new ideas and styles to the band. Thats when the band was formed and truly complete. Freddy writes all his own lyrics. The rest of the band writes all their own music based on their different influences.

Those influences include such bands as The Mars Volta, At The Drive In, the Misfits, Total Chaos, Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Senses Fail, AFI, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Bloc Party, the Adicts, etc.


Currently working on a second demo.

Set List

Our set usually lasts about 45 minutes and includes the following original songs:

1) Burn To Ashes
2) Forever and a Day
3) Sacrificial Offering
4) If Lips Could Kill
5) Days Like This
6) View Through the Window
7) Within Arms Reach
8) Bauhaus
9) Jack The Ripper
10) The Burning Sky
11) Transparency