Hard Core, Christian metal


Bloodbought has been playing the sceen for over seven years now, we are four guys all called to the same mission, spreading the word of Jesus Christ, the tool that we use to do this with is our band. Christ has changed each and everyone of our lives, we try to represent that in everything we do with our music and in our daily lives. our influences range from blindside, demon hunter, project 86, as i lay dying all the way to noise ratchet and dogwood, all this put together gives us a unique sound that really can't be stuck in one single catagory. our sound is heavy and melodic and also transfers over acusticly very well.


we are curently finishing our latest album "triumph over tragedy" at R & R studios that will be released at the start of the new year, our first album, released in 2005, is named "the truth about me" we have also released an acustic album called "unplugged and personal" a live recording at uncommon ground coffee company, in addition we have released several pre-releases and unfinished releases.

Set List

our set list can range from 20 minuets to and hour, we usually play around 30 min our songlist usually consists of seven songs1. crucify2. ancient of days3.breaking lines4.isolation5. diary of blood6.sleep through the night7.triumph over tragedyall originals