Blood Command

Blood Command


Blood Command is like no other band. hard and frenetic guitars with desperate and sexy female vocals and a hang to catchy choruses. Norways definetes most intense liveact.


3 young Norwegians with a common love for San Diego Hardcore, feelgood clubmusic and killer riffs, have created a musical monster called Blood Command. The band played their first show in January 2009 in their hometown Bergen in Norway, like fire in dry grass the rumor about the band that had found something unique in 2009 was on everybody’s mouth. With tracks and live appearance like no other, the band really kicks some ass and even more established band could learn something here. Already after a short period the band has been praised in Norwegian media, and played numerous shows including the brilliant Øyafestival in Oslo, Norway´s most prestigious festival, touring Europe and Norway and beeing picked out to play 3 shows at By:larm 2010 in Oslo.

Media has claimed that Blood Command have picked up the string where late Jr. Ewing left it. With a common inspiration in artists like PJ Harvey, Swing Kids, At The Drive-In, Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes, Blood Command has build hope for the future of the Norwegian hardcore scene!

Blood Command will in 2009 give out a vinyl series consisting of 10’vinyl based on 3 publications each in their own primary color. “Five Inches Of A Car Accident“ is the first release and it was released on Kontrabande Records/Diger! the 20th of July. Vinyl # 2 "Party all the way to the hospital" is released 23rd of november on Fysisk Format.


Five Inches Of A Car Accident 10"/EP (2009)
Party All The Way To The Hospital 10"/EP (2009)

Set List

typical set is 30 minutes. And by this date we play these songs:

Five Inches Of A Car Accident,
Natural Wastage
Party All The Way To The Hospital
Yuri G (PJ Harvey cover)
Parasomnia Fight Party
Red Ruin
Untitled Dance Machine
Something About Nothing
Afficiant Men