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"BloodMachine - Sounds Online Review"

The American group specializing on unusual, but very attractive sounds a few
(a little,little bit) Gothic and rhythmical
sint-indastriela with elements of heavy music (at least, donel'zja the perverted electronic
effects guitars the atmosphere inherent usually "dark" metalicheskim in groups) creates
enough mrachnovataja, presented to us this ïðîìî-cd-r with five compositions from a
full album with the same name. To me in detail unfamiliar with such stylistics,
very much it was pleasant to hide I not shall begin. First, because the level
eksperimentatorskih here on a head is higher than searches, than at the majority of groups
of a heavy direction. As has told one familiar, Inveterate roker, visited at a concert of
one electronic nojz/indastriel commands(teams): " As it is regrettable, but, similar, the
rock music loses almost on all items(points) electronic … ". Not being so rectilinear
in the judgements, I shall add only, as in that, and in the other genre it is possible
to find something "" and to compare, for example, the level of extremeness of a lunatic
nojza HERMIT or MSBR with other-wordly brutal'nost'ju grinderov PLASMA or FUCK … I'M DEAD
is impossible. It somehow will be incorrect to look. But I have distracted.
the BLOODY MACHINE does not hit in an extreme measure, and quite fruitfully moves on
current (?) in a channel of gothic styles / indastriela near to such projects, as
NEKROMANTIK (it is a bit too similar at them saund, behind exception vokala), softer
and "fluffy" ISENNGARD and, certainly, mighty LAIBACH. The idea on the last was cast
with cold rhythmics and Faultless perfektnost' executions(performances) of Americans …
Very much I hope, that could depict stylistic frameworks of the project in general even.
To allocate them among hundreds other and to listen - to decide to you. I, probably,
would listen to all: dobrotnaja music, very much. - Sounds Online -

"BloodMachine - 5 trk EP"

5 tracks
more reviews & homepage:
Blood Machine
A loud project from Connecticut, USA. I don't know if it's intentional,
but my cdr starts with 20 min. of silence. Track 2 is a little less silent,
it contains harsh industrial/metal crossover. Fast beats, distorted screaming vocals, loud machinery. Think of classic Earache/Napalm Death-style music. It is not a coincidence that the device of the band is 'violent music for violent times'.
Song no. 3 starts with more classic metal structures, but with a lot of energy. The refrain reminds me more of dark electro/industrial, even the name Terminal Choice comes to my mind, though this is a lot louder. The final track is much slower, dark and brooding, with very low, somewhat diabolical vocals, a welcome variation.

"Goth industrial terror punk from hell" is the term that BloodMachine uses himself, well, you can call it whatever you like, fact is that it is loud and aggressive. The execution is not bad, but it's not very much my cup of tea. Perhaps I would have liked it better some years ago, when I was more into hard industrial crossover, with labels like Earache, Machinery and Dynamica.

This cd was reviewed by HD.
Posted on 15-6-2003.

- Funprox


BloodMachine: Greed Demons LP{1996}
Fierce Culture: Misanthropy EP {1998}
Evil Delicious: Tomorrow Was Yesterday Demo{2003}
Wardance: n/a LP{2006}
BloodMachine: Irrational Allegro LP{2007}
BloodMachine: Previously Unreleased LP{2008}



Inspired by the insanity that drives a man into a murderous killing spree by repeatedly bashing thoughts of conformity into his head, forcing him to aquire the most redundant product manufacturing position and making him believe in fear as a motto of protection from actually living his life and obtaining his dreams of one day becoming more than just man, this project was created in 1996 as a solo endeavor for the frontman of the industrial metal band
Fierce Culture,
which is a broadened perspective of mankind being weak, living their lives on their knees, calling to a deity that does not answer, praising the technology that weakens them.. a disease or virus that is slowly devouring the planet and will one day be exterminated by means of our own, designing mankind's downfall.

The aggrivated sounds of the snowplows wreaking havok upon the pavement is inspirational and ironic in its loud, oppressive reign. Keeping the factories pulsating with greed while the envious poor strive on for a decent living, when all Mother wants is for us all to just STOP and smell the shit we are generating around us. Without this planet and the stones orbiting it, we would not exsist. But we've turned away from any obvious deity we could have and banished ourselves from a life of true purpose and harmony only to merge with the combines, presses, and pollution-belching factories.. sedating anyone with emotions and ostracizing those who feel the need to speak freely so everyone plays along and eventually will one day become cyborgs... The perfect machine coursing with the blood of the common working man.