Blood Of The Fallen

Blood Of The Fallen

 Mississauga, Ontario, CAN

Simply put, we are original, motivated, dedicated and high energy. We are very active on stage, we pride ourselves on our live sound and we always give it 110% because no venue is considered insignificant to us. We love music and it shows in the way we write music and in how we express it on stage!


Blood Of The Fallen started out back in September of 2010 as Chris Black (Guitars) and Stephen Miskie (Drums). Over the course of a year and a half and endless searching, Jimere was added on Vocals and keys and Colin Holman was added on Bass.

In January of 2012, Blood Of The Fallen entered Citadel Studio to record with Chris Cosentino (formerly of Horizons). 5 songs and 1 intro were recorded. Recording wrapped up in August of 2012 and the EP was officially released on ITunes on October 25, 2012.

Blood Of The Fallen have a significant amount of shows under their belt now and have demonstrated their proficiency live. Something the band prides themselves on. They recently made it onto Rok Out Radio and were also featured on Indie 104's Halloween Radio Show in L.A.

The Band is presently writing new music and has gotten a good start on new tracks. Stay tuned as more info will be coming soon.

Gear List for reference:

Chris Black

Peavey 6505+ 120W Tube Head
Peavey XXX 4X12 Cabinet
Lexicon Multi-Effects Rack

ESP LTD MH-400NT Electric Guitar
EMG Active Pickups

Schecter Diamond Series Gryphon
Duncan Design Blackout Pickups

Line 6 G30 Wireless Patch

Colin Holman

Gallien Krueger MB800 Amplifier
Gallien Krueger Neo 4X12 Cab

ESP LTD F-254 4 String Bass
EMG 35-HZ Pickups

ESP LTD B-155DX 5 String Bass
ESP SB-5 Pickups

Line 6 G90 Wireless Patch

Stephen Miskie
Pearl ELX Export Series Drum Kit
Black Panther Snare
Zildjian Cymbals
Pearl Hardware
Pearl Eliminator Power Shifter Double bass Pedals
Vater 5B Sticks

NX55 Yorkiville PA
Shure SM-58 mic


"Havoc On The Ocean Floor" - (Released on ITunes October 25, 2012)

Working on new tracks as you read this!

Set List

Deep Waters
Open The Sky
Chasing Your Voice