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"Fans Enjoy Bands at Centre Stage"

On Saturday December 6th,the band Blood of the Prophets hosted a huge,local metalfest at Centre Stage in Toledo,OH.
The five bands .40 cal, Still Life, Marks of Sin, Before the Silence, and Gripshifter accompanied Blood of the Prophets in playing their own music, and, adding to the fun, some cover songs at the show. Besides playing in this particular show, Blood of the Prophets also set the whole concert up as the promoter. "The show was very difficult. We got all the bands, got the original venue, chose the date, broke up all the tickets, split them up for the bands, chose all the set times, and did the advertising." said Will Clark (drums) of Blood of the Prophets.
They faced many hardships, with bands dropping out, the light company bailing, sound going out for some bands, and the curfew of many teenagers steadily approaching, the show still hadn't even started.
The whole show started with .40 cal, who came out rocking strong with heavy instrumentals and a flexible voice, that ranged from singing to screaming. Not only did the band look like they were relaxed and at ease, the audience enjoyed the music while moshing to the tune.
One of the most energetic bands of the night was Marks of Sin. Just as they got up on stage, they called for a pit (mosh pit) and people did just that. The only thing that they could have improved was that the instruments seemed to be louder than the vocals. The entire crowd could barely hear the lead singer at all.
At the end of the night, it was time for the band that put it all together to perform. At about 11:35 P.M. the band Blood of the Prophets blew the crowd away. They sported a different sound than all the other bands who perfomed, and they were excellent.The first song was led with the signature distinct sound of a modified keyboard, which none of the other bands seemed to use in their show. The heavy vocals from the front man were backed up with hard-hitting instrumentals from the other band members. The sound and stage presence seemed to ooze naturally from the band. "We put on one of our very best shows, and from the time our sample started to the final breakdown of the night, we couldn't help but to remain enthused," said the band. The excitement from the crowd proved that the concert was a huge success. - Sabrina Whittacre

"Bowling Green,OH radio review"

Very talented Death Metal from Toledo,OH. - 88.1 fm

"Pure Perfection"

People say there’s no such thing as ‘true perfection,’ and while I begrudgingly agree with that concept, I do believe you can get pretty damn close! Blood of the Prophet’s premiere full length CD, A Prayer For Vengeance, is proof enough of that idea. Not only is it close to being perfect, it’s within ball licking range of that perfection. I’ve seen many bands, from Toledo and Michigan. I’ve seen many of those bands headline their own shows, but, and I say this in the most sincere tone, I have never seen a band from Toledo or Michigan, as good as Blood of the Prophets. They are a phenomenon that is to be reckoned with; a plague that will sweep across the world of music taking the lives of the pretenders and fakers, sparing only the pure. They are, in it’s truest, purest form, METAL personified.

A Prayer For Vengeance is a phenomenal CD. I’ve listened to all the through at least ten times now since I got it yesterday. The band draws it’s influence from groups all across the musical spectrum, from the powerful technical riffs and extreme guttural vocals of Born of Osiris, to the fast-paced drum beats and bluesy guitar solos of Lamb of God. But make no mistake; Blood of the Prophet’s isn’t merely copying their heroes’ works. They are reshaping them into something raw and gritty, something that’s truly their own.

The CD open’s up with its rather slow moving intro, So That Punishment May Come On This Generation, which pretty much outlines what the album is about and just when that ends it hits you with a karate chop to the throat with Manmade Apocalypse. From that point on, it’s nothing but brutal and devastating fun. Each song is filled with pessimistic themes relating to personal existence and humanity, and asks the questions, "where is our society heading, and is there any hope of change?"

The vocals on the album are incredible. Keith has truly mastered the art of extreme guttural vocals to the point where he can annunciate his words clearly and fluently. Plus the addition of keyboardist Liz Croak’s clean vocals adds an extra layer of zest to the album that I find myself wanting more of, kinda like the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal, or crack; there’s no such thing as too much.

The drums were done by none other than Will Clark, who in my mind is clearly the next Joey Jordinson, or Corey Pierce. He truly is the glue that holds the band together, and if you ever had a conversation with the guy about, well…ANYTHING, you’d understand why. Probably the most musically knowledgeable member of the group, Will’s drum style is reminiscent of the drummers of the New Aged American Heavy Metal movement, but defineatly with more technical skill. Will in my mind is destined to go down in history as one of the most profound and skilled drummers of this generation, and it shows on this album.

Now we move on to the guitar and bass lines. Now I’ve known Chris and Paul since they first started playing guitar and seeing how much they’ve progressed since then makes my jaw drop. I’ll be watching them on stage and I’ll barely be able to keep my eyes focused on their fingers half the time. They play with such ferocious speed yet are able to make every note sound clean. I can’t say they’re the best guitarists I’ve ever seen, but I can definitely say they are some of the most creative ranking up there with other favorite bands of mine, Black Sabbath and God Forbid. And the bassist, Stew, though I can’t say I know a lot about bass, he’s definitely skilled enough to grab my attention when he performs, and some of his bass lines are sick as fuck!

There’s no need to do a Song rating chart with this review, every song on this CD is a 5 STAR song in my opinion. Blood of the Prophets is proof that you don’t have to live by a stereotype in order to be great, but if you are genuine and truly dedicated you can create something both beautiful and devastating, and that’s what this album is. Beautiful and Devastating! By the end of the semester I’ll be doing a compilation of lists summing up my top favorite albums, songs and bands, and I can guarantee you, Blood of the Prophets will have a spot in each category.
- Joseph Buehre

"Muen Magazine"

BOTP “A Prayer For Vengeance” CD review by MUEN Magazine


“A Prayer For Vengeance”

This first full length CD delivers to your ears a fresh look at metal that truly defies comparison. They utilize amazing skill and talent in their performance and combine it with tight and spectacular production and mixing to produce an album that is simply outstanding from start to finish. They employ elements of thrash, vocal variations and distortions, scream and even small pieces of strings and orchestral sounds but always stay true to full on metal without one element overpowering any other. All of this makes anyone that truly appreciates metal music to head bang their way through this angsty and brilliant CD.

It is difficult to pick just one attribute that makes this album so outstanding but definitely the subtleties within the writing and performance and use of keys along with other intricate pieces make all this come together for a full on outstanding high energy metal CD. These elements can be heard particularly well in “Of Tyranny And Deceit” and “A Prayer For Vengeance” where a keyboard/synth that recreates a Hammond B3 sound seems to fit perfectly with the machine gun drumming, rapid shreds and versatile vocal changes that all compliment the articulate and complex lyrics particularly well. The latter, also the title track, includes additionally a few bridges of melodic metal to bring even more aural interest. “Interlude” is the true standout track of the album that shows all the elements previously mentioned and also adds an acoustic bridge that there again seems right at home in a extremely well done metal track with amazing versatility.

This CD not only is one to listen to constantly but also makes the band one to watch as they take the tour stage by storm with their music. This album shows why you won’t want to miss any show they perform that comes close to you. You also don’t want to pass up adding this to your library of great metal.
- Muen Magazine

"E-Metal Space Webzine"

Blood Of The Prophets - A Prayer For Vengeance
Independent - 2009
Blood Of The Prophets boarders on melodic death metal and metalcore, to a degree that the fans of the latter may not take kindly to the elements of the former and vice versa. I however, have nothing but mostly good things to say about Blood Of The Prophets and “A Prayer For Vengeance” (except that they have one hell of a tour lined up that DOESN’T stop through Oregon at all… jerks…) The instrumentation is tight and leaves open plenty of opportunities for the crowds to jump along, while the vocals keep up their style swapping verse after bloodily brutal verse! Lyrically, “A Prayer For Vengeance” stomps all over organized religion, morality and the general shit storm that it life.
My one gripe is the vocal fluctuation. Now normally, I love vocal versatility. But in this case, I actually think that picking one style and sticking with may prove beneficial the whole way around.
Overall: A band that’s plenty new, full of talent and ready to take over a stage near you… unless it’s on the West Coast… *grumble* - Typhon
Thanks for the metal!
-Typhon- - Typhon


Self Titled Demo 2008
A Prayer For Vengeance 2009



Blood of the Prophets was formed as a melodic death metal band in May of 2008. They are a sextet based out of Toledo, OH, consisting of Paul Fuzinski and Chris McPhillips on guitars, William Clark on drums, Elizabeth Croak on keyboads, "Stew" Mitchell on bass, and Keith Wampler on vocals. Since their formation they have put out a self titled three song demo and their first full length album. They have gained notoriety locally and regionally as a force to be reckoned with, and have shared the stage with national acts such as: Mushroomhead, Dope, The Autumn Offering, Level-C, Soil, Bobaflex, Mobile Deathcamp, LOWA, The Fear Nuttin’ Band, and Ventana. As well as Winds of plague, Born of Osiris,Chimaira, and Hanzel und Greytal. They have been noted for their intense, high energy stage performance, and their ability to get a crowd moving. They have set out since day one to raise the bar, whether it be in a local, regional, or national level, and they are determined to keep this high standard, not just for themselves but for the sake of music in general.We are sponsered by Shine Drums, Axis Pedals, SIT Strings,, Ahead Drumsticks, In Tune guitar picks, Soultone Cymbals, and Peavy amps.