Blood on the Mic
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Blood on the Mic

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Blood on the Mic"

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In the aftermath of Montreal's Indie explosion a lot of creative types woke up wondering, “what the hell was that?!” And those who recognized the fact that things were finally happening in this wonderful city went straight to work on the Next Biggest Thing, ultimately to wallow in a sea of mediocrity and the trappings of The Scene.

Mandy and Harry worked at a music store together. They were immersed in music for at least 40 hours a week with pop culture relentlessly pounding its message deeper into their brains. This turned them into music-making robots. Both were in bands, doing their thing, CHANGING THE WORLD! Not really. One day, they both decided to make music together.  

Mandy, at that time, was working with their friend and colleague Juan, bassist. Harry saw the rehearsal space and thought, “I gotta get in on this action!” The three came up with some good stuff and realized that they were onto something.  

One night at a friend’s wedding, Harry stumbled, drunkenly, into an old high school friend Gerry. They were both trained in music by The State at a Montreal-East public high school. They talked music, drunkenly, and set up a date to jam. Gerry showed everyone his b@#!%.

Three became four. The magic began to happen, all four contributing to the writing process.  They all felt like they were finally being heard and appreciated. They needed a drummer. To Craigslist!

After an exhaustive search and quite an experience meeting several colorful characters, Don walks in with his gear and has been there ever since. Don got around and knew the ropes. Everyone came - hearing their songs for the first time set to drums expertly executed on the first try.  

The band was formed. Precious Stone. They recorded demos, did a few shows, and developed their package. In the meantime, stuff happened that happens to all bands; bickering, conflict, commitment issues, loss of a member, name change. But the project moved on. Songs were still being created, recorded. The band’s image further solidified into something more tangible, more concrete. BLOOD ON THE MIC was formed. But they found themselves short one bassist. Enter Jeff.

After months of agonizing indecision BLOOD ON THE MIC embraced Jeff as the new fifth member of the band. Jeff brought a solid compliment to Don’s playing, further reinforcing the band’s foundation.

2010. BLOOD ON THE MIC launches their website showcasing their hard work and determination to make things happen.

We are BLOOD ON THE MIC. Our sh*t is GOLD!