Blood on the Stereo

Blood on the Stereo


The Stooges beating the piss out of Incubus at a Ramones show.


Blood on the Stereo is a band from the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. Some people are raised on Flintstones Vitamins and Voltron reruns, twins Paris and Chris were spoon fed American staples Black Flag and Iggy Pop as young babes. Sticking to the punk minimalism of the 80's, the brothers bring their aggresive playing styles to form the breakneck rhythmic foundation of Blood on the Stereo.
Persian-Norwegian bassist Nikki walked the streets of Norway as "that rocker kid" in Stravager, Norway. Nikki was not into football like his peers, he listened to Crue and TurboNegro, wore a bandana around his head, and snarled at local hooligans with whom he regularly scrapped with. In the summer 0f 2006 Nikki fulfilled his LA rock dreams and joined BOTS.
Rounding out Blood on the Stereo are brothers Pj and Teddy who came to BOTS from the East. Ending their previous NYC projects in 2005, Plexic and Secret Police, the brothers are returning to their love for 70s power pop and 80s hardcore. Blood on the Stereo is out to prove that the rocking hard is a hereditary trait.


Black Clouds on an Otherwise Perfect Day EP July 2006
One Bullet..One Heart... Out March 16th 2007

Set List

Song List:
Die Young
Black Street, White Lines
Laurel Canyon
Time Bomb
Lights of Camden
Rainbow Girls
Tear Gas Only Makes us Hornier