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"The spanish doves are gonna save rock and roll"

last night i drove over the border into tijuana to see spanish doves play a secret sold out cemetary show they had put together. The show was hush hush and tickets sold out quick. Just over the border were other gringos who were meeting up with our lovely guide who went by the moniker of “el rock en roll jesus“.
He ran some rules by all of us (no cameras, no cell phones) we were all asked to turn in our cell phones and were frisked. being a gringo i was scared but i was assured by the american security guard co promoter that we would be okay. My friend decided not to turn in his phone and was given a refund and was turned away and headed back to america. we were guided onto one of 10 or so busses that took us about 20 minutes from tijuana to a secluded graveyard full carnival games, food vendors, beer vendors and stage set up. with some dubstep dj greeting us as we showed up.
There some mexican federales around the location as well making sure everyone was safe. Local acts from san diego and mexico played some wonderful sets but everyone was waiting for the band known for playing unique venues ranging from dive bars in terrible parts of town that have never been known to play live music and as well as mexican strip clubs and house parties.
The lights went out and the spanish doves hit the stage with a furry. sounding somewhere between the yeah yeah yeahs and death from above 1979 they blasted through a 3o minute set. from what i have heard this is one of their longer sets.
After they were done a dj immediately started playing and everyone danced until the break of dawn. While talking to people whom attended
this crazy event i heard more than one person say that this is the band that is gonna save rock and roll once they get a chance to shine. I am looking forward to booking them for our indielandfill launch party. -


july 2012- EL Demo EP

October 2012- 3 (demos)

april 2013- Untitled (full album. Currently tracking)



Born as an idea in a bar in tijuana, mexico.
By ivan tamayo (bass)from Ensenada,mx and
Bryan Valentine (drums) from Hurley, Wisconsin.
the conversation started after the doors album strange days blasted out of an old jukebox in the corner of the bar.

Blood pyramids live shows have been described as the closest thing to a religious awakening. When asked about musical influences they said past lives and near death experiences.