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CD Album "Tales of the Damned"
CD "Rebel Till I Die" (coming soon)



BloodRaven is a ruthless and insane heavy rock band power trio, making Cowboy Metal & Racin' Music. We write and sing music with a power metal over current. Stevo (drums), Matty (bass), Jes (guitars & vocals) deliver super sonic sound with lyrics that deal with what society ignores, denies, and fears. Our style is loud, proud, crushing and brutal. We energize and unite. Attending our live performances listening to our music disks brings about to all attending, a catharsis, that trembling sense of inner power and belonging.

We have been called by our audience as a humble, hearty, dedicated "Power Trio", made up of two male musicians and a songwriter that writes and plays sets of lyrics that delve deep into that which is misunderstood and forgotten, through society’s ignorance, denials, and fears. With a great love for the Rock n' Roll world in general, we also appreciate metal music and some of its sub genres. "Metal" is not at all dangerous, condemnable, or dismissible. It is valid lifestyle of musicians & artists who have forged their way through the mainstream during the past 37 years towards true freedom of speech and expression. These following ancient words come to mind, "Thoust not judge lest Thoust be judged."

Bio1: Stevo, our brother drummer has been honing his drumming skills since the age of 16. Stevo possesses the inner wild man who delivers every performance by making our hearts race and rising all from their slumber! Stevo the consummate artist has been observed to keep on drumming even though his "hands are bleeding".

Bio2: Matty, the mildest in disposition plays a mean bass guitar. With his joyful machine-gun chuckle, Matty reaches to the depths of our souls whilst maintaining that 5th riff. It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

Bio3: Jes "a.k.a, Smitty, a.k.a Wild Child” writes all our band's lyrics, draws from his extremely creative side to state loudly and blatantly the growing indifference amongst human beings. An artist with many talents, Jes has been sharpening his guitar playing skills for 15 years, contorts the notes, playing that instrument like a love and hate drama. A brother to all, Jes thrashes out the lyrics depicting a scene from a 'Hallows Eve' flirtatious rendezvous with the dark side. We try to make way in finding temporary transcendences from life's daily tensions, languishing hearts, freeing minds and reminding all of their realness.

The combination of legendary music industry heroes that influence them, to name but a few are: Pantera, Black Label Society, Godsmack, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hank Williams, Black Sabbath, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Metallica, KISS, Trivium, Chet Atkins, etcetera...

Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, "BloodRaven" not only obliterates the competition, they stomp, grind and crush skulls in the process, finding time to only give respect to the bands out there who also are on the quest of saving Rock & Roll from further torment. The deep hatred these members share for "radio friendly" music also pushes them to deliver a harder slam on the industry.

With our brand of beer swiggin', party hard, "loud & proud" style of music, it will only be a matter of time before the world can happily indulge in Rock & Roll once more, with all of its rule braking, power tripping, adrenaline pumping, sex driving, highway speeding pleasures that we all seem to crave so much, moving our senses on a whole new obverse through rock.

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