Blood Red Boots

Blood Red Boots

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hi. We're Blood Red Boots. We play loud, obscenely catchy electronic rock. Our songs are about youth, romance, and the joys of Chicago. Cheers!


Blood Red Boots is a modern rock band in every sense of the phrase. They blend EDM with garage rock, release 360° music videos, play live-stream concerts, and critique the state of romance in their single 21st Century Love

All the while, their lyrics explore the pains and joys of life as a twenty something. There’s songs about rowdy, drunken nights in their native Chicago (Lost), and songs about jealous exes (Greatest). Singer Keith Patrick brings a sharp, critical eye to the lyrics with both self-deprecation and satire, “our lyrics have always been very self-aware — I realize I’m a young man in 2017 and I try to capture what it’s like to be young at this unique point in history.” 


The youngest band to win WGN’s Breakthrough Band contest, Blood Red Boots was chosen over ninety other bands while making their first national TV appearance. Their WGN victory grabbed the attention of producer Manny Sanchez (Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy), who recorded their self-titled debut EP. Blood Red Boots’ tracks have been featured on TV shows like 90210 and Survivor, while garnering critical acclaim. Their song “War Paint” has been featured in radio and TV ads during the Grammys, and The Beatles 50 Year Tribute. 

Their modern original sound has been compared to Coldplay, Muse, and New Politics: “An infectious blend of indie pop with dance/electronica overtones.” (

Notable Shows

The band played their first shows in January 2012 and have had headlined shows at some of Chicago's best venues: House of Blues, Metro, Lincoln Hall, Double Door, and Subterranean. They've also played festivals like Summerfest Milwaukee, Lincoln Park Music & Arts Festival, and the YellowPhone Music Conference.

Current Projects 

With the release of their third EP Countless Nights, the band cover a lot of musical ground. Roaring guitars and sharp satire on opener 21st Century Love, a sweeping acoustic ballad with Future Memory, and hopeful anguish on the electronic Gods of Love. Each song comes with a story from the nights of lead singer Keith Patrick. The frontman notes, “Every one of these songs has a story and feeling attached to it. My feelings change wildly from night to night and you hear that in this record. It’s kind of a musical collage.”

Blood Red Boots continue to carve out their own space in the Pop landscape, blending innovative sounds with clever insights into youth. 

The band is currently in the studio working on songs for their fourth album, due in 2017. 


Blood Red Boots - Self-Titled EP

Love + Destruction EP 

Countless Nights EP