Blood Red Dancers

Blood Red Dancers

 Seattle, Washington, USA

"It’s rock’n'roll that still feels dangerous"
-Abbey Simmons, Sound on the Sound.


the park is on fire and all the heroes are drunk,
there's just too many people to save.

blood red dancers...
julian, aaron and kevin live in seattle, washington.
they are blood red dancers.
listening to elvis during the end of days though a fuzzy radio with crackling government code sneaking in and out of the signal.
alcohol induced coma.
strippers dancing to james brown.
pharmaceutical companies.
billie holiday's smile.
pregnant teens.
do the twist.
friendly fire.

blood red dancers play a new kind of blues.


Self-Released: "With Diet and Exercise"
Coming out December 12th, 2010.

Self-Released: "The Bikini Island EP" (2009)

The following songs have had airplay on KEXP 90.3
Track 1: Feel Good Hate
Track 2: All You Need Is Money
Track 3: Rainy Day Rag
Track 5: The Shepherd

Self-Released: "Let Him Fight, I'll Be in the Breadline" EP (2008)

The following songs have had airplay on KEXP 90.3 and The End 107.7:
Track 1: Sweetie's Gettin' Mobbed
Track 5: The Lamb

Set List

Banks of Blood
End of The Street
The Shepherd
The Lamb
All You Need Is Money
Hold You Like a Gun
1000 Times
Sweetie's Gettin Mobbed
All The Birds

Set times vary based on venue and what slot we play, but we typically play 30-45 minutes of all original material.