New York City, New York, USA

NEW YORK PRESS- "Finally, a band out of New York that are not bed-headed Strokes clones. These guys wail."


The narrative arc of BLOOD RED SUN is not a paved path. This band is unafraid to challenge the status quo.

Formed out of a desire to discern between the real and the apparent, BLOOD RED SUN endeavors to bring social awareness back to music. Confident in veering off the well tread, pop-friendly path, this band strives to return exhilarating, hook-driven, yet socially relevant music to the masses.

BLOOD RED SUN has been called a “thinking-man’s band” - one that revels in confronting listeners with real issues and dismisses songs that do not inspire feelings in their fans. “Musically, the bands we are drawn to, like the Clash and early-U2, have portrayed how societies’ choices affects the individual. There is a sincerity that is embedded in the foundation of certain music that won’t allow a listener to disregard its message. Once you know this, how can you ever make anything less than honest?” the band says. “Our culture says ‘if you’re unhappy, numb it out.’ The role of the artist in society is to go to the places that most people are not willing to go and return with a map of the human experience that people can use to find a way out.”

One of the band’s tenants is: “You need to have an army to support a single word. If you don’t scream, people don’t hear you.” Their music is aggressive and unapologetic, their songs contain imagery that suggest themes of revolution, escapism, media dishonesty and the arrant way people blindly accept information without validation.

The members of BLOOD RED SUN have experienced life together, growing up in a small town and independently, becoming individuals while spread out across the United States. They shared a copy of James Joyce's Ulysses, live Radiohead bootlegs and The Clash’s London Calling, “Bands like the Clash were really talking about something in their lyrics. It was reflective of the time in which they lived. They made it very cool to be aware, awake and educated. We make every effort to do the same thing,” the band says.

Sessions for BLOOD RED SUN's debut recording, A Nation of Saviors, were produced and engineered by Britt Myers (Suzanne Vega, Mates of State) and Adam Lasus (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Yo La Tengo, PJ Harvey). Myers and Lasus sonically captured the nuance of BLOOD RED SUN's dark entries and their anthems for the anti-hero, like lead single, "All At Once.”

“The question is not how or when, but why. Why do we make this type of music?” the band poses. “It’s because we have to. We are driven to.”

BLOOD RED SUN is here to give you an option: music that harkens back to socially conscious times, adjusted to resonate in today’s world. This is widescreen rock, but shot like an independent movie. This is BLOOD RED SUN.

Lead vocals/guitar: Jason Nadeau
Bass: Matt LaFontaine
Drums: Jessica Corchia


1. A Nation Of Saviors (Fall 2007)

Set List

All original material. Set lengths vary depending on
the event.