Darkly melodic hard rock with a touch of
psychedelia to mix things up


Bloodroot for a time was known as Johnny Young. Hard rocking and deeply grooving, their powerful, driving sound borrows from both the heaviness of metal's caveman stomp and the melodic accessibility of post-grunge '90s rock.
"Live, they deliver the goods in a raw and vibrant fashion." - [Creative Loafing]
"Their second cd, Drone, is an excellent slab of darkly melodic hard rock that bashes together plenty of crunching riffs, a pulsing rhythm section and to-the-point lyrics with a dash of psychedelia to mix things up, how ever you care to define it, it's just good damn music that was meant to be enjoyed." - [Flagpole.]
They've released two cds, Shed Your Skin in 1998, and Drone in 2000.

From 2000 to 2002, The band toured frequently playing clubs and colleges between Texas and Boston sharing stages with bands as diverse as Spacehog, Moke, Supafuzz, Agents of Good Roots, Spine, Smartbomb, Punchy, Ropetree, George Devore and many others. Along the way they garnered substantial radio support dramatically increasing their fanbase. The first single from Drone, "Rain" was a southern regional break-out on radio. (No payola either!)
The band won the Just Plain Folks Best Hard Rock Song award in 2000 and Best Hard Rock Album
award in 2001, and they?ve been nominated in those catagories again in 2002.

The band has released an E.P. and a full length album is expected in early 2003. This will be the newest release from Bloodroot since 1997.


Shed Your Skin

Set List

Destination Unknown
Save Me
Love Not Time
Weighed Down
Not Safe