Blood Set memories

Blood Set memories


We sound like a train wreck combined with a plane crash into a Nucleur silo. Truly we do not desire to sound like anyone elese, however with the insnane amount of metal bands it is hard to not have some simularities. So feel free to think we sound like another band.


Blood Set memories music. Our intrumental is designed to cause destruction in the pits, With descending harmonies, and brutal breakdowns.
The lyrics are directed at our fearless leaders, a few honoring our troups who unselfishly throw themselves in harms way for these war pigs. Then we pull a 180 and dive into the darker side of life with a few love letters from Vampires, and suicides.

*****YA KNOW YA LOVE IT*****

We are influenced by.....Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Unearth, Norma Jean, Haste the Day, Chimaira, If Hope Dies, Bleeding Through, All That Remains, It Dies Today, Children Of Bodom, Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, The Chariot, Through The Eyes of the Dead, Ligiea, As I Lay Dying, Evergreen Terrace ... etc etc



Written By: E.Holden BSM

Jet black hair, blood on her lips.
long black nails, from her finger tips.
Pale white skin, Death in her eyes.
She sates her lust with your cries.

She's a Sinner

Her love for you it's eternal,no one could hold you so close.
Within her heartless sorrow, She's Nocturnal.

Her love's, despair
Lust without care
Beatless, heart
Emotionless soul

Drop of, blood
from her mark
She makes you, hers

You will fall
Into her darkness
With no way to crawl out
Eternally you die

Atone your Sins

Written By: E.Holden(B.S.M)

Pushed to my limits
Rattled my cage
Feel my hands caressing your neck
Sink into me
Death draws you near
Take your last breath

No forgivness, No remorse

Count on this
The clock that ticks
Counts to your end
Blood starts to drip
Skin starts to rip
It's time for you to die
It's time for you to die

Beg for you life
kneel before me
Bow down

Crawl on your knees
It's meaningless to me
Atone your sins
To someone who cares

Atone your sins to someone
who gives a f@$k


We are due in the studio in March 2007. we however do have a Songs now on here and a few more on
{These songs were recorded in RedBone Recording Studios, Westerly RI.}

Set List

Well we are an original band. We however do like to open our shows with a random 70's/80's cover. at the moment we open with the first verse to Eye Of The Tiger( Beefed Up) THen we go into our on average 45 min set. our songs: Reborn, silhouette Of A Shadow, Atone Your Sins, Bleeding You, The Lonely Man, From Sand To Glass, Nocturnal/ONe More Chugg. One more chug is a crowd pleaser at the end of our set, Basicly it's an open chug that we toast to our fans and all of our fallen heros.