We are a constantly evolving hard edged band that is continually trying to toe the line between the most intense and the most memorable songs possible. Our sound is an amalgamation of brutally technical metal riffs and rock based hooks and melodies that stick in the head immediately.


Bloodshed Promise was started in 2000 by Adam Ader, Justin Andrews, Ed Boness, and Justin Walsh under the name Collapse. In 2003 Andrew Denlinger joined to replace Walsh as lead singer. With his varied vocal ability he introduced both an increasing melodic sense to the music as well as agressive hardcore screams.

In the spring of 2005 both Andrews and Boness left the band to pursue their carrers leaving Ader and Denlinger to find others to fill the voids. Zach Goforth, who already had been filling in on bass guitar for months, joined as a permanent member of the band. Aaron Levin was also recruited to become Bloodshed Promise's drummer. Both Goforth and Levin brought new dimensions to the band. Levin's ability to incorporate fast double bass and complicated drum fills combined with Goforth's wide musical background and solid bass guitar playing solidified the percussion section. Throughout the transition Ader had also moved to electric guitar, and the lineup change sparked new and much more complicated riffs that began to change the sound of Bloodshed Promise.

Over the next year and a half the band solidified their sound and began to play all across the Chicagoland area. With increasing demand for a quality recording the band began recording their upcoming demo at Uptown Recording in the north side of Chicago. Realizing then their need for another guitarist, the band began auditioning guitarists and found Kurt Janke.

Bloodshed Promise strives to make each show a collective event where the audience is just as much a participant as each individual band member. Lyrics pulled from the struggles of life create an honest and open feel to their music. Not willing to be stagnant, the band continually searches to move ahead and mold into the most heartfelt and powerful metal around.


First E.P in the works

Set List

Pigeons Die at Dawn
A Beautiful Facade
Forever (As I Lay Dying)
Solus Christus
Broken Mirrors
(This set usually covers about 35 minutes, give or take.)
In the event of a longer set, we are able to add the Past and a cover by haste the Day entitled "When Everything Else Fails" to reach about 45 minutes.