Canadian female fronted deathcore act Bloodshoteye have perfected their craft and are back in full-force with their sophmore release 'An Unrelenting Assault'. Heavier and faster than the debut, with catchy riffs that you'll have a hard time getting them out of your head.



- band formed in 2002
- first show at OBEY The FLAME fest w/Strapping Young Lad, Skinless, God Forbid (Montreal, May 03)
- recorded debut cd in Windsor Ontario, featuring guest vocals by D.Randall Blythe - Lamb of God (Sept 03)
- replaced Shadows Fall on Toronto date of Headbangers Ball tour w/ Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage & Unearth (Nov 03)
- receive Videofact funding for "HITLIST" video (May 04)
- interview in Unrestrained! (Can) (issue 24, May 04)
- release of debut album "Without Any Remorse" (Galy Records, Jun 04)
- video shoot in Toronto for "HITLIST" (July 04)
- Full Canadian tour in direct support for Cryptopsy (Century Media) (Sept 04)
- weekend tour with Cryptopsy,Cephalic Carnage & The End (Oct 04)
- FUBAR featured on "A Treasury of Sorrows" Compilation 04 (Lifeless Records)
- direct support for Misery Index (Relapse) in Hamilton (Nov 04)
- weekend tour with Ion Dissonance (Abacus) (Dec 04)
- weekend tour with Thine Eyes Bleed (The End)(Jan 05)
- replaced It Dies Today on God Forbid, Caliban, Full Blown Chaos show in Toronto (Mar 05)
- direct support for Despised Icon (Century Media) in Hamilton (Apr 05)
- Canadian/Maritime tour in direct support for Misery Index (Relapse) (May 05)
- direct support for Bury Your Dead (Victory) Ozzfest off date in Toronto (July 05)
- recording of "An Unrelenting Assault" in Montreal with producer JF Dagenais (Kataklysm) vocal production by D.Randall Blythe (Lamb of God) and mastered by Alan Douche (Shadows Fall, God Forbid) featuring guest vocals by Alex Erian (Despised Icon) (Sept 05)
- weekend tour with Beneath The Massacre (Prosthetics) (Nov 05)
- HITLIST featured on Century Media sample disc (Fall 05)
- (cd release) Canadian tour in direct support for Cannae (Prosthetics), w/3 Mile Scream (Mar 06)
- release of "An Unrelenting Assualt" (Galy Records, Apr 06)
- interview in BW&BK (CAN) (issue 98, Jun 06)
- interview in Unrestrained! (Can) (issue 31, Jun 06)
- headlining show in MTL w/Covenance (ex cryptopsy, dying fetus) (July 06)
- Terrorfest in Toronto, ON (July 14, 06)
- weekend tour w/Threat Signal (Nuclear Blast) (Aug 06)
- weekend tour w/Martyr (Galy) (Dec 06)
- LOCK & LOAD featured on Crime Clothes compilation CD "Murder Metal League Volume 1" (May 07)
- Full Canadian tour in direct support for Dying Fetus (Relapse) w/Covenance (Galy) (June 07)
- 1 of 3 featured bands in "Working Class Rockstar" documentary (Late 06)


Bloodshoteye "An Unrelenting Assualt"
Galy Records 2006
Featuring guest vocals by Alex Erian - DESPISED ICON (Century Media)

Bloodshoteye "Without Any Remorse"
Galy Records 2004
Featuring guest vocals by D.Randall Blythe - LAMB OF GOD (Epic)

Set List

A typical Bloodshoteye set is on average between 30-40 minutes. Consisting of tracks off both albums and an intense, high energy live performance.

Most recent set list:

Bound to Break
The Last Laugh
Lock & Load
Pains of Misfortune

+ 2 new songs off upcoming album