Bloodshot Revival

Bloodshot Revival


In less than half a year since their existence Bloodshot Revival have already recorded a 3 song EP, filmed a video and played an ongoing number of shows in the NYC area showing that they are a force to be reckoned with.


Bloodshot Revival was born, like all good things, on the Internet. Five artists caught in the World Wide Web found themselves separately, yet all at once longing for something diversely creative beyond their own capacities. Craigslist looked generously upon the young men and blessed their pursuits.

A few cold ones and some months later placed these artists in a dilapidated studio in New Jersey grinding fingers to the bone on their first six song EP. The boys built the better mousetrap and the world did beat a path to their door. With opportunities vying for attention, Bloodshot Revival had more on their plate in six months than most bands do in a year.



Set List

Set List varies but includes:

King of the Casios
Naive Allure
The City As Our Storyboard
Kill Collective Conscious
Saving the Kids
Calico Pines