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Written By: Rudy Mullins

gotta be here somewhere
but I can't seem to find
elusive, reclusive when it wants to be
and when it's out of range
my reality starts to change(makin' me uneasy)

suddenly, urgency alters my behavior
have you seen my savior?
wonder if it knows just how desperate I get?
might have to take some drastic measures
to receive what I need--my god of pleasure

talk of redemption sounds so absurd to me
why should I feel the need to be set free?
I believe in freedom(doing what I damn well please)
just keep your God away from me
don't try to strip me of my liberty
the kind that will surely kill me


Written By: Rudy Mullins

I came out of desolate
clinging to habitual
I walked in from bitterness
a grave in the making

You stepped into nakedness
gazing upon ugliness
the object of hostility
the ultimate humility*

now death has died for all time*
life is Christ, sweet life*

*(updated lyric since recording)