BloodWine is an unsigned band made up of one singer/songwriter. All songs are original, written and composed by BloodWine. We hope to inspire and help others to live and walk in their Faith with God.


BloodWine was created in '07 around August. Ever since the beginning of the band our purpose is to reach out to everybody and anybody who will listen, whether it'd be 1 person or 1,000.

Right now we are trying to get a demo recorded for you all listen to in your own homes. But for those of you who have heard our music we want to thank you for listening to us. We hope we've touched you in some way.

The name BloodWine comes from Jesus taking the cup of wine and saying "This is my blood take it and drink..."

Our style of music varies from Contemporary Christian to Rock and many other styles. We have a variety of softer songs and other sounds of songs but Rock is most common influence.

If you like BarlowGirl, we tend to sound like them the most.

Set List

Typical Set list would depend on what is needed for the gig.

We can play for 25 mins up to an hour. Or whatever is required.

:Set List:
*Coming Soon*