Bloody Panda

Bloody Panda


From "A different kind of doom metal comes from this Japanese female-fronted New York outfit. Busier than most bands of its ilk, Bloody Panda play dense, despairing songs that tumble, clatter and drone through the ether."


Bloody Panda is a New York City based metal band. In the beginning Bloody Panda was an experiment in fusing soundscapes of East and West, the experimental and the linear, Ohara’s manic fits interlaced with the guitar/bass/keyboard palette of gut-churning funeral sludge. After a year and half of playing frequent shows in New York City and a self-released EP, disparate universes have collided and the group's singular sound is creating ripples throughout the underground metal scene.
Dark, electrifying, punishingly chamberesque, Bloody Panda has been paired with the likes of Jucifer, Soilent Green, Harvey Milk, White House, Wolf Eyes, Pig Destroyer, Grails, Nadja, Akron/Family, Black Cobra, Saviors, Ghengis Tron, Weasel Walter, Rwake, Minsk, Thrones, Zombi, Kralice, Total Fucking Destruction, Inure, Tombs, Starkweather, and Lair of the Minotaur for live damage.


Pheromone - debut Vinyl/CD LP (level plane)
Split with Kayo Dot - split vinyl (holy roar)
Split with Monarch - upcoming (profound lore)
2nd Full Length - being mixed and shopped to labels
“For The Sick” Eyehategod tribute - "Anxiety Hangover" (Emetic Records)
Split with Noothgrush - in the works.

Set List

Anxiety Hangover

30-40 mins (we're very flexible)