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"Superb debut album 5/5"

From the backstreets of Bath (always gritty, especially after a hard frost) come gobby white-boy three-piece Bloody Tourists with this ridiculously enjoyable half-hour of dirty, daft, in-your-face garage punk allegedly produced Art Brut-style on secondhand instruments by complete beginners. Drawing audible inspirations from The Fall, The Stooges and ‘Come on Pilgrim’-era Pixies, and with a wry, dry sense of humour informing songs about slimy amusement arcade-owning pornographers, foxy divorcees, idiot friends and fit Danish dentists, it’s surely a matter of mere seconds before someone tags them – ooh, here we go! – as Bath’s answer to The Arctic Monkeys. “He talks in cockney/ He thinks he’s cockney/ He comes from Wiveliscombe”, should elicit shrieks of mirth from all those unimpressed by the worldly posturings of local wannabes. Truly, there’s never a dull moment. Seek them out at a heritage site near you as soon as possible. FIVE STARS - Venue Magazine

"Real Garage Rock"

" Kink" is an incredible debut album with a good mix of raw and sleazy garage punk rock. Think The Stooges with a dash of The Strokes and Velvet underground thrown in for good measure.
This is a REAL garage punk rock album straight from the council estates....amazing songs that grab you and get you thinking - Matchbox radio 24

"Better than the White Stripes"

Billing themselves as the "Velvet Underground meets the White Stripes", Bath UK's Bloody Tourists are doing themselves a large disservice. While I can hear the Velvet Underground reference, specifically in frontman Lee Elkins and his Lou Reed-influenced vocal stylings, I think this band has a lot more talent and style than the White Stripes.

The Bloody Tourists play no-nonsense garage punk. The sound is raw but crisp, without the low-fi production that many garage bands use to hide a lack of talent. It has a great sound, a kind of thrift-store swagger, that makes it easier to compare them to a better Detroit garage rocker, one Iggy Pop, than to the duo they've currently hitched their name to.

You can check out (and download) four tunes by Bloody Tourists on their MySpace site. If you like what you hear (and you will if the taste buds in your ears are working), the band is also offering a special deal on Kink, their debut album. If you buy it now, the band will autograph it, throw in an unreleased MP3 and a pin, and even offer a money-back guarantee if you don't like it. Because even if they mention their similarities to Jack and Meg, I think they realize they're better, too. - ABOUT.COM

"Album of the month"

Playing at just over 30 minutes, this debut album from Bloody Tourists is a gem. Already Hailed as 'Bath's finest' (no less) and having just signed a deal in America, BT have recorded this work just as they play live - fresh, loud and raw. The vocals are left untouched, and the band haven't been tempted by the array of technology in modern day studios, instead thrashing out a set of 2 - 3 minute garage punk tunes.

Up the Dosage is a nod towards The Stooges, an influence clearly heard on many tracks, with clever observational lyrics from singer, Lee Elkins. Gram and a Half sounds like a live crowd-pleaser many bands would kill for, and we follow 'Steven, with a V' on the energetic Funland. Each song has it's own personality and storyline - tales of urban Britain, lost love and arcades!

If you are going to add one album to your i-pod this month, make it Kink!

Kink is available from for just £5 free post and package. - Romsford Times


Karaoke and The Riot Police - EP
KINK - Debut LP (many streaming radio plays)
Funland - 7" vinyl single



Formed at the beginning of 2006, Bloody Tourists (Inspired by the shared love of Bands like The Fall, The Pixies and The White Stripes) booked their first gig before they'd written any songs. With a only a couple of months until our debut appearance we learnt our instruments (newly acquired from secondhand shops and car boot sales) as we wrote.

The gig was heralded a success by a new fanbase impressed by our audacity and raw energy. A booking frenzy followed, getting ourselves gigs all over the South of England. This led us to two 'Battle of the Bands' in which we won a free weekend recording in Brixton, London.

The weekend recording, and writing, saw the birth of our debut album 'KINK' which became 'Album of the month' in many publications and won us £1200 in an online competition. We now continue to play, after playing alongside ShitDisco and The New York Howl, looking for great new venues and a new crowd.