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In short I am a lady of tongue,1 who feeds the audience with truth and the power of knowledge with an unsubmissive stick it to the man attitude.Backed up by a 9 piece band comprising punchy hip hop poetry, sultry spoken word & catchy hooks served on a platter of funk, hip hop, reggae & blues tunes


As nice as it would be to have someone save me the painstaking exercise of delving deep into my own personal attributes to write this bio for me, it’s easier for me to just to tell you straight up how it is than to try and pretend someone knows me well enough to speak of my existence and write this in third person.

As most people can talk about themselves and their careers with no remorse for slightly exaggerating the minor details of their success, I am an emcee, who is forced into the public eye and would not for one second risk not being taken seriously for the sake of making myself sound better than I truly am!

Let me take you to the begining where I first found the spitting excitement in battling firey emcees every Friday night at DoubleBeef in 2002. I began writing and performing in Sydney’s inner city where I was born and raised and was quickly recognized as a feisty up and comer with a hell of a lot to say and an unstopable attitude. I teamed up with Mass MC, administrator of and DoubleBeef Records, performing at & promoting gigs all around Sydney.

I soon got the travel bug and set off around the world in search of inspiration continuing to write and develop my style. I performed solo for three years before meeting Rudy and formed 'Speaker pimps', which due to an unfortunate fall out between two members fell apart after making only 5 tracks. I then joined Sydney crew ‘The Konvicts’ in 2005, a make up of five emcees and a dj.

After leaving Sydney in 2006 for the outback, I formed a 2 piece outfit ‘Vdub’ doing shows in Darwin and Tennant Creek where I worked for a year making hip hop tracks and film clips with the indigenous youth. Now living in Alice Springs I have replaced the backing tracks for a 9 peice live band including sax, trumpet, didge, keys, bass, guitar, drums and 2 vocalists, which has ignited a whole new style that has been exceptionally received by everyone who has seen the show.

With reviews like "Bloom has quickly become one of the leading lights in the Alice Springs live music scene. She packs substantial lyrics with a street-smart style and presence that captures a broad audience. Bloom delivers a smooth rap flow backed up by a funky live band and classic hip-hop beats." from Music NT and “BLOOM BOOGIE” aka Tanya El-Gamal is a poetic tour de force. Catch her fire, fusing the lyrically sublime, soulful melodies and rockin’ beats.” Patrick McCloskey – Artback NT Arts Touring.

My lyrical content comprises of my 25 years of life’s teachings, the struggles of my past, the insanity of my adventures and my favorite men who gave me nothing more than something to write about. Growing up in Sydney gave me the opportunity to experience life on many extreme levels. Quickly gaining an insight into the world’s layers, rising from an uneducated rebellious street kid with bad friends to a smart respected young woman who has an undenied ability to extract even the slightest positive from the harshest negative. Seeking refuge from my thoughts and scattered loose leafs I often find myself strapped to snowboards, motorbikes, skateboards and anything else that inspires me to think outside the square.

My musical influences range from Sade and Lauren Hill to Portishead and Sarah Blasco. My first ever tape was Guns n Roses, November Rain followed soon after by Arrested Development which I still thrash on a daily basis.

Music was not welcome in our home when I was young as my father is an Egyptian muslim so the only thing that came out of the stereo in his house was the Quaran. My mother, an anglo country girl also disapproved of the grunge and hip hop tapes that I loved so on the rare occasion that music was played in her house it was Elvis, Eric Clapton or Nina Simone, which I much preferred over the quaran. The realization of my musical talent and love for performing was not clear until my late teens although I loved writing my own lyrics to pop songs when I was as young as eight but never thought I would be a musician as at that time musicians and fame was nothing but a figment of societies imagination.

I owe alot to music, it gave me something to live for, to be proud of and most importantly helped me understand who I am and appointed me a position where I can not only create but contribute as a mentor for our struggling youth. As much as I love making music and playing with words, my passion is my weakness and I do question my abilities every single day. This process though extremely painful only makes me more determined never to give up on what I have poured my blood sweat and tears into which is evident in every word that is executed from my lungs.


Day Dreamer

Written By: Bloom

Day Dreamer

Verse 1

Ive got some shit that’s stuck hard against my chest
Im used to bleeden through my pen but there’s no ink left
I bear war scars like the outback does scorched cars
I fought hard even though I was dealt poor cards

But I aint spillin for the sympathy
it’s just nice to have you simply listen to me
so ima take this opportunity to share a dream
that’s slippn through my fingers like meltin ice cream

I mean I guess I didn’t have a lot of options
But looking back it was as clear as fibre optics
I thought this music would save my life
And bring back the soul that I sacrificed

Man I gave it my all I wrote every day
I even gave up my job to see if I could make it pay
But it didn’t even though I lit up the stage
I was just another Sydney rapper on a centrelink wage

I used to think when I was just a little girl
All I had to do was write a good song to save myself
But I never thought id ever have the chance to make it happen
Or educate myself to fulfil my dream of rappin


Everybody’s got a dream to catch
But they just chillin waitn for that golden egg to hatch
If the visions never liven top far away
Just tlet the music in your soul and the beat will lead the way

Verse 2

Come take a trip in the game As I skip in the lane
where pretty painted pictures leave my memory stained
the chick with many a name was like a fairy a flame
I was barely of age but life was there to be claimed

My stage was nuthin but space I broke through every restraint
To find my body floatin down at destiny’s gate
Ive made some heavy mistakes and been through plenty a mates
But nuthions been the same since the day I learnt to break

Yeah it was all about the freeze not the weed and e’z
I gave up the hard core for a funkier beat
No more slingin the pea’s to fly for minimun fees
Hip hop was growin in me pauly planted the seeds

Bboys rokin with ease shorty’s skin their squeeze
And every corner haunted with battelin emcees
I was under siege by sumthin ill but no disease
So I followed its lead like a wise piscean


Everybody’s got a dream to catch
But they just chillin waitn for that golden egg to hatch
If the visions never liven top far away
Just tlet the music in your soul and the beat will lead the way

Verse 3

See ima feisty fiery feminine specimen
The secrets uncovered examine the medicine
Im not crazy even though you think I am
Im just a chicky on a mission with a mic in my hand

Im at war with myself like an Arabian
I look in the mirror and see an alien
My fathers a muslim but im Australian
He never understood me so I hated him

And there the journey began I took it on with both hands
Juggling a street life with high demands
With a vision of me singing with my own live band
Given up the gutters for the whitest sand

Im a survivor shinnen from the brightest land
And by the time you buy this your gonna know who I am
Im a teacher a hero an artist a friend
Sara that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said

But I was once very lost and severely astray
Livin drama every day like a matenay
Just young and getting high letting my decay
A prison cell of sorrow like Guantanamo bay

But I had something to say so in a state of disarray
I woke that’s summer’s day and let the music lead the way
Yeah ah I let the music lead the way

Wont Let Ya Get Me

Written By: Bloom

Wont Let Ya Get Me

Verse 1

Im on the roof manifesting memories
Smoking up like poof digesting Hennessey
Forget my enemies I only roll with the worthy
im worldly cause everyone at home tries to burn me

I can’t think straight to many knives i ate
Trina clean all this shit up off my plate
Tell me tell me how do I communicate
When everyone I talk to comes from outta space

See everybody’s always trina be the man of the moment
Lost in their headspace forgetin how to hone it
Im lonely but im surrounded by people
who think they equal but they surrounded by evil

it seems to be true cuz they all claimen that they down
but they just waiten to beat you
I see through the average cats display
So I sit high like a gibbon on the guard from stalkin prey

Ye I seen you round
I know what you look like
I know who are

But I wont let you get me next time x4

Verse 2

See im an independent woman so you probably fear me
So ima speak slow and clear so I know you hear me
Im sick of skinny brothers thinking they can steer me
But man they got me laughin like stand up comedy

So ima let em in on a lil secret
Your blinder than the eyes that you try to see with
Your number than the tongue that you try to speak with
So baby don’t be telling me that you’re a realist

Don’t take me for a joke cause you know I mean this
Im shootin straight from the hip like a pound of weed hits
Im seein through your wit like a psychoanalyst
But you try to play it smooth like you masagen this

But no misogynist is gonna put me in my place
And try and take control of the bloom showcase
You can be the bitch cryin on the pillowcase
Trina understand why your broken heart aches

I guess I wont be seein you round here no more kid
Yeah that shits over

Cause I wont let you get me next timex4

Verse 3

I put a twinkle in your cheek like a summer sunflower
Raisin through the concrete like an esoteric sunflower
Im like gunpowder you shouldn’t rub the wrong way
cause I’ll blast you wack fucks back to where it was you came

what a shame you proclaim to be a master in this game
it’s a woman’s world babe you aint nuthin but a slave to trade
your like a knife without a blade switch page
you’ll never understand my sick train

the slick way this chicks brain works
I gave you a friend a lover plus all the perks
I know more perverts than protocols has inserts
So keep the skirts just give me back my black t shirt

Bitch please step off before I wipe you out like whooping cough
Im a fruity juicy salad to tasty to be tossed
My shits tight like your average everyday ass
Every kicks head high no mu tai or martial arts

Wont let you wont let you wont let you get me get me no

Wont let you get me next time x4