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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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released the self titled, "bloomline" in march, 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


merriam webster defines band as:

1 : to affix a band to or tie up with a band

which invites all sorts of chortling and a possible death spiral of definition double talk, i.e. "to affix a "to affix a "to affix a""" etc. ad infinitum

to set the record straight:

a band is typically a collection of individual musicians that alternatively have had little luck in the persuit of women, are horribly uncoordinated, or have far too much free time because of their success at playing a sport, selling drugs, or robbing senior citizens of their identities for social security checks, etc.

often, all three factors play heavily in the formation of such a group for simple reasons of solidarity or, put another way, to keep the story straight when speaking to the feds.

bloomline is not this kind of group.

neither thieves nor priests, neither tall nor short, both shaved and hirsute, these renaissance men arrived on the olympia music scene in typically grand fashion at a local private party as part of a larger group of hired guns- a musical firing squad of hitmen aided and abetted by the talented hands and ears of st_robert, known back then simply as "that dirty bastard over there in the headphones". tom, being a very adept drummer and having a love of all things that have to do with hitting other things with sticks, noted that songs went remarkably well when jon was the one doing the singing, even though he didn't need to hit things with sticks to get the point across. jon also had real skill at the piano and was able to reliably entertain the holy piss out of the audience. to everyone's delight, the party ended with few injuries and left the door open for general collaboration among the members of the suddenly-now-defunct-one-time-party-band-from-hell.

skip ahead a year...

the hangovers completely worn off, these three decided to record some music together. both jon and st_robert had written many songs on their own, and with the glue of a proper drummer in tom, felt comfortable that this would be a project of merit. the recordings took place over the course of eight months at three locales, ending finally in the self-titled "bloomlne" which blends 80's pop, americana rock and a lot of intangible flavors, lovingly rolled together into 14 tracks of tasty bits, including dessert.