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"Introducing Bloomsday Rising"

October 17, 2008

Thanks to Devan for sending along a recommendation to check out Bloomsday Rising, a terrific rock/southern rock band from San Francisco. They've released a new EP, Unlocked, a follow-up to 2007's Rattle The Windows, and all five tracks are (to me) the epitome of what southern rock should sound like. The band memebers include Phil Lang (vocals, guitar), Fernando Estrada(lead guitar), Chris Hansen(bass) and Kiernan Rien(drums). As an added bonus, you can get the entire EP free just for visiting their website. No catches; just download and boogie. - Local Vertical by Chris

"Bloomsday Rising"

Folk, Blues y Rock se mezclan para dar originalidad a esta nueva agrupación. Desde los 14 años tocaba guitarra, y al entrar a la Universidad de San Francisco hizo muy buenos amigos, con quienes en el 2006 formó la banda Bloomsday Rising. Desde entonces la agrupación, con un refrescante rock alternativo, ha lanzado dos álbumes y goza de buena reputación en la escena musical de San Francisco. En palabras de Fernando, guitarrista líder de la banda, para Gente Joven: “Conocí a Chris Hansen (bajista), porque era mi compañero de clase que a su vez vivía con Phil Lang (cantante), que estudiaba otra carrera. Una vez recibí una invitación para tocar en un grupo con profesores y otros alumnos por motivo de una causa benéfica. Me imagino que en alguna ocasión mencioné que tocaba y por esa razón me invitaron.

No sabía si tocar porque tenía mucho tiempo de no hacerlo, y la verdad pensaba que no lo iba a hacer bien. Al final, tanto Chris, Phil y yo resultamos tan impresionados el uno del otro que inmediatamente decidimos juntarnos más seguido para tocar nuestra propia música. Kiernan Rien (baterista) se unió seis meses después, cuando ya teníamos canciones estructuradas”. El resto es historia. Atrévete a conocerlos. Su música
Influenciados por bandas como Led Zeppelin y Radiohead, además de la sabiduría en las letras de Joaquín Sabina y Bob Dylan, los miembros de Bloomsday Rising son estadounidenses menos Fernando. En español, el nombre de la banda, basado en el libro Ulises, de James Joyce, significa “en la búsqueda de hacer días cotidianos en épicos en nuestras vidas”, según comenta Fernando. Su música tiene una mezcla de géneros como el folk y blues y por supuesto el rock norteamericano. “Tratamos de que las letras de nuestras canciones narren historias y no solo repitan coros pegajosos. Estas historias son tan reales en las cuales puedo fácilmente imaginarme que suceden no solamente en EE. UU., sino también en mi país”, explica el músico. Además de tocar, Fernando también se encarga de promocionar a la banda, sobre todo en Latinoamérica, por el idioma. “No solo he aprendido mucho sobre cómo es convivir entre estadounidenses, sino también he notado que entre ellos mismos existen muchas costumbres diferentes. Se interesan mucho por nuestro idioma, comida y nuestra forma de vivir. Les llama la atención qué tipo de música nos gusta y a qué lugares me gustaba ir en mi país. Ellos adoran nuestro clima y nuestros bellos paisajes”, comparte Fernando.
- Prensa Libre, Guatemala by Alfredo Vicente

"Bloomsday Rising: Heir to the Throne"

Released under a Creative Commons License, San Franciso¡¯s Bloomsday Rising is back with their 2008 release ¡°Unlocked¡± a five song EP, issued completely free, under the ¡°pay what you want¡±, guilt absolving model they released their previous album under.

Previously known as just Bloomsday, BR has been a favorite here on the network for the past few years, and you may have heard their earlier songs, ¡°Ramona Pt. 2¡å or ¡°Ghost Ship¡± played quite often. We are happy to say the new EP also delivers strongly, presenting the new quality songs in the great storytelling tradition that worked out so beautifully on the previous release, ¡°Rattle the Windows¡±.

Heir to the Throne is the closing song on the 5 track EP and can be downloaded for free at their website or over at Amazon as a generous donation to their cause. Don¡¯t forget to check out their new HD video as well.

Written by Charles Stepczyk ¡¤ Filed Under Featured, IR: Daily Dose - Insomnia Radio

"Bloomsday: Turning Ordinary Into Epic"

For roughly one year, I've been offering up mini-reviews
of new artists over at The Daily Dose. So at this point,
I feel confident making some outrageous claims that will,
with certainty, result in flame mail. Then again, I have audio
proof on my side. So, let's commence:

The first artist that comes to mind with zero hesitation
when listening to San Francisco's Bloomsday is Bob
Dylan. Yea that's right. Bob Dylan. With a slight
injection of the Counting Crow's moody, winterish
August and Everything After vibe.

The band deftly combines rich folk-rock songwriting with
a southern twang and lyrics that have, and will continue,
to win them awards.

Ramona, Pt 2 doesn't make in impression right away,
but as the story unfolds in true folk-smith style, simple
guitar flourishes, soft piano melodies, and female
backing vocals begin to highlight the lyrics and push
along the emotion - and this group knows how to sketch
out some powerful words.

It's not always a joy listening to a 7 minute track on
repeat - this is an exception, especially given how many
directions this song travels. Easily one of my all time
favorites. Oh, and keep in mind the band hasn't even unleashed
their first demo yet. I'm anxious to see
what these songsmiths have in store...

Submitted: 9/11/2006
- Daily Dose By: Jason Evangelho


EP- Unlocked, Oct 2008
LP- Rattle the windows, Dec 2007
EP-The Parades Sessions, 2009



In July of 2004, Phil Lang moved to San Francisco from South Dakota to attend the University
of San Francisco's Creative Writing program. Lang played music and hadn't met anyone in the
city. In the absence of a social life, he passed the hours writing songs in his one-window studio
apartment. Fellow MFA classmate Chris Hansen was the first person Lang met. Hansen played
music too, and eventually the two mustered up the courage to play in the same room. The next
day, Lang began recording (in Hansen�s apartment) the twenty-some songs that had been
welling up since his arrival in San Francisco. Six months later, Hansen hosted a charity event
that involved a musical collaboration of USF professors and students. Fernando Estrada, playing
bass, saved Hansen and Lang from having to play the Broadway show tunes suggested by
the professors (but nothing could save them from a poorly judged cover of Radiohead's �National
Anthem�). About eight months later, Kiernen Rein came on board to play drums. The group
knew they were a real rock band when they were awarded their first official noise citation from
the SFPD.
The rest of the details are more or less the same as every other rock band trying to make a name
for themselves, but the music is uncommonly good. Yes, every band thinks that, too, but
Bloomsday Rising invites you to judge for yourself. They've released Rattle the Windows
(2007) and Unlocked (2008 EP), and are currently paying their dues in the Bay Area music
scene. Their music has been featured on Insomnia Radio, KUSF and SF Weekly's annual
Artopia party. They embrace the challenges of the music industry's current fragile state and, with
that in mind, have an innovative decision regarding the distribution of their music: Our music is FREE