Manchester, England, GBR
SoloHip Hop

Hip Hop from a UK artist has never been this good. Bloque is the future... Truly amazing!


The city of Manchester, UK has a rich history of musical talent, from The Hacienda, to The Stone Roses, to Oasis and Noel Gallagher and many other world renowned acts, but to date one hasn't broken out within the Hip Hop genre...until now.

Bloque possesses a unique sound that is unheard of throughout UK music. Everything from production to complexity of his lyrical arrangements is in a different space to what we are used to expecting from a Hip Hop artist from the UK.  He more sways to a US market but never forgetting his roots and where he comes from, with most of his music reflecting on life experiences with everything ranging from growing up in the streets of gang ridden Moss Side to the trials and tribulations of teenage relationships and affairs.

Bloque's talent and works have not gone unnoticed as many people have come knocking for his signature, most notably, artists The Game and Birdman both wanted to sign Bloque to their respective record labels.  Below is a link to The Game's Blazetrak response to Bloque.

What also sets Bloque apart from his peers is the team that he has assembled.  As well as being a producer himself, Bloque has his own indie label/movement by the name of ISFTW in which he manages his own local talent including production duo AudioKlique, who with the help of Bloque have produced for many industry heavyweights, such as T.I., Young Thug, Travis $cott and many more.

Bloque now aims to raise his profile worldwide and let the world know of his potential and capabilities in order to compete and work with the very best the music industry has to offer and to also show them what he has to offer also


HAYAMI - 2015
NINA - 2013