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Blowing Trees

San Antonio, Texas, United States

San Antonio, Texas, United States
Band Alternative Rock


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"HIP Video Promo: "Goblins" on MTV!"

If you have yet to experience the eye candy that is "Goblins" by Blowing Trees, we encourage you to do so. The video has recently been accepted by MTV so you can check out the clip on the MTVMusic and mtvU websites. Also, be sure to keep a lookout for the video when it airs on MTV programming. To find out more about Blowing Trees visit their MySpace page. -

"Tree Hugging: Blowing Trees go national with a sound that's intimately huge"

By Denise Blaz

A year ago this month, Blowing Trees played a show that seriously altered the trajectory of their career. Although they were not part of the official SXSW roster, the four-piece rock outfit played a SXSW-week gig that turned heads to such a degree that they left Austin signed to the New York-based indie Glassnote Records. This week, they release their self-titled Glassnote debut, a full-length album produced by David Castell, the man who helped perfect the sound that broke out fellow Texans Blue October.

The record, which took seven weeks to complete, reads like an urgent conversation that keeps returning to the themes of love and fear.

On January 17, I visit the band during sessions for the album at Melody Ranch Recording Studio. It’s 6:30 p.m. Chris Maddin is the first to arrive, and he’s late. Maddin, the group’s lead singer and lyricist, is the only member who resides in Austin and he just drove an hour straight from work to do bumpers for some Mountain Dew promotional satellite deal the group is involved with. XM radio has just picked up their track “The Day the World Left Me” and is playing it on the music channel Ethel.

“Wayne Coyne [of the Flaming Lips] gave me a hug at SXSW last year,” Maddin says, obviously still caught up in the giddiness of the SXSW experience.

Drew Pierce, the band’s drummer, arrives a few minutes later. He and Maddin go way back, playing in various San Antonio high-school bands before forming Blowing Trees. They share a love for the Flaming Lips and are diehard Radiohead fans. “I’m for sure going to check them out this year,” he says. “When they came around the last time I had the option of going to go see them or pay my rent. I decided to pay my rent and I regretted it.”

The next night, at Revolution Room, I meet the rest of the band. At 7 p.m., I sit down with guitarist Jered Stephens, and order a Shiner while he opts for an orange juice on the rocks. Roy Scavone, the group’s bassist, works here and tends bar tonight. His personality is electric and he’s exactly the same way onstage: kinetic, incessantly upbeat, and delightful. As Stephens puts it, “The man likes Flea.”

Stephens is fresh back from a trip to Thailand, where he saw the sights and visited his best friend. He shows me pictures as we chat about mushroom smoothies. From what I gather, you probably shouldn’t have them in Kopanang, Thailand.

While they’ve never lacked for SA loyalists, in some ways Blowing Trees have flown under the local radar, frequently attracting more attention and acclaim on the national level. For example, Sirius radio host and former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield has lauded their ability to be simultaneously “intimate” and “majestic,” and he’s noted that the band is unique in its ability to connect in both small and large venues. He debuted their demo for “The Day the World Left Me” on his Sirius show.

In late February the band commands the stage at Jack’s Patio Bar & Grill. There’s a crowd of about 80 people in the place, a solid turnout for this venue, and they seem amped. Maddin tunes up his acoustic-electric Takamine guitar, Stephens goes barefoot, Scavone looks like he’s ready to rock his bass, and Drew fiddles around with his cymbals.

Maddin sings with his eyes closed, tapping into the well of emotion that makes their best rockers such cathartic rides. This is their first show in three months, but they’re not rusty at all. They breeze through their 12-song set while the crowd soaks them up and end with a sing-along to the Pixies’ classic “Where Is My Mind.”

Although Austin has laid claim to them over the last year or so, Blowing Trees are undeniably rooted in San Antonio. This is where Maddin and Stephens skateboarded together and talked about bands they loved. And it’s home to The Washtub, the car wash where three of the band members worked together.

A week after the Jack’s gig, I meet Stephens at Taco Garage to talk about the band’s future. The release of the Glassnote album is imminent and I wonder what he envisions for the band. “I don’t know,” he says. “We really just want to be together and play music.” • - San Antonio Current

"Blowing Trees Review in Billboard"

Drawing from influences as diverse as Pink Floyd, the Flaming Lips and Radiohead, San Antonio-bred Blowing Trees demonstrated at this year's South by Southwest that they know how to have a good time. Known for a feverish following and energetic live shows, they wrangled producer Dave Castell --who forged hits for Blue October and Deep Blue Something-- for their debut self-titled set. What emerges is a hook-laden 12 track journey that swirls between psychedelic and anthemic, lyrically taking on the state of the world today. Lead singer Chris Maddin's vocals soar to Himalayan heights as he addresses war "Airplane Fixation" and relationships in "A Different Time." With a strong endorsement from rock historian and Sirius Satellite personality Matt Pinfield, Blowing Trees are primed to blossom. - Billboard

"Hooka of the Day: Blowing Trees"

Forget the Alamo, the River Walk, and all the other standard hallmarks of San Antonio, Texas. Take an alternative tour past the high school where Chris Maddin (lead singer) and Drew Pierce (drummer) played in numerous bands together; the spots where Edwin Jered Stephens (lead guitarist) and Chris skateboarded together and bonded over a shared appreciation of punk rock; the Washtub, a car wash where three members of the band worked; the house where in 2003, Roy Scavone (bassist) made a lasting impression at an impromptu jam session and secured himself a spot in the newly formed band, Blowing Trees. And, if you continue on, perhaps you’ll stumble upon the Melody Ranch Recording Studio where the Trees can be found— at all hours of the day and night—flexing their skills on their debut album.



Album- Blowing Trees (March 18, 2008 Glassnote Entertainment Group, LLC)
Single- The Day the World Left Me (played on Sirius radio)
Single and music video being released soon



With a name as striking as their sound, Blowing Trees have packed clubs in San Antonio and built a legion of loyal fans that have come to appreciate their intense live performances. Blowing Trees’ Chris Maddin (lead singer), Drew Pierce (drummer), Edwin Jered Stephens (lead guitarist) and Roy Scavone (bassist) have a knack for blending unique styles into a cohesive and memorable sound. Jered highlights the material playing masterful guitar solos throughout; Chris provides the organic sound to the band with poetic lyrics powered by an exceptional vocal range and an acoustic guitar; Scavone creates the movement in the music with his raw energy and wild stage presence; and Drew anchors the band with his solid and reliable backbeats. Their influences run from Bob Dylan to Radiohead to Pink Floyd to The Flaming Lips, yet they avoid imitation and instead strike their own unique sound. They are stylistically fearless and the soundscapes they create are so textured that they transcend multiple genres.
After building buzz, an early development deal led to tours through Texas and California. Soon thereafter the band was brought to the attention of Texas music veteran Chris Lieck, the CEO and founder of Tejas Records and TEG artists, who brought the Trees into the studio to finish work on their demo.
In early 2007, Blowing Trees signed a deal with Glassnote Records where the band recorded their debut album with Blue Octboer platinum producer David Castell.
An early fan, former MTV VJ Matt Pinfield flew down to Texas to film their EPK and debuted the demo of ‘The Day The World Left Me’ on his Sirius radio show. He says, "Their sound is intimate and personal, yet the songs are majestic and massive and I could see them filling small clubs or arenas."
Released on March 18th 2008 to outstanding reviews from numerous music publications including Billboard, the Blowing Tress debut album captures their kinetic stage presence and balances their no-holds-bar eclectic style with a dynamic structure. The Day the World Left Me roars with relevancy and reverberates long after the song is over. California Skies is so visceral that you feel convinced you are driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.
Blowing Trees’ music has been featured on several episodes of Mtv’s ‘The Real World’, E!’s ‘Living Lohan’, Lionsgate Films’ ‘My Best Friend’s Girl’, and many other television shows. Other 2008 highlights include their feature on AOL’s About to Pop, Clearchannel’s New Music, and MtvU’s The Freshman featured video.
The Trees love to play for their loyal fans in Austin and San Antonio, and recently enjoyed performing at the 2008 D-Fest in Oklahoma and the South by Southwest music festival in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Upcoming 2009 events include performing at the Wanee Fest in Live Oak, Florida, as well as a regional tour in May and June.
Take a sonic Rock tour with Blowing Trees and prepare to go off the beaten path.