Blowin Smoke

Blowin Smoke


Blowin' Smoke is a big, powerful, high energy, dramatic R&B show band, lead by R&B and Rock veteran, Larry "Fuzzy" Knight. Armed with a killer brass section, and a sweet as pecan pie female soul vocalist section, The Smokettes. Add to that, meaty core of hot guitar, bass, keyboard and drum talent.


Larry "Fuzzy" Knight , founder, bandleader, bassist & vocalist  of the Blowin' Smoke Rhythm & Blues Band has been fulfilling a dream & vision to bring to today's music loving audiences a different style of music showmanship & presentation that they might never had seen in the past or present.

"Fuzzy" was born in "44"  & rooted in blues and r&b in the city that inspired W.C. Handy's classic composition,"ST. LOUIS BLUES". He grew up with the culture of black music engulfing his young mind and soul. He broke into blues in his mid-teens by playing with Albert King, Little Milton, Chuck Berry and Ike Turner, all residing in St. Louis at that time. "Fuzzy" witnessed almost all of the great R&B revues touring and playing for primarily black audiences only; Ray Charles, Ike Turner & the Kings of Rhythm, James Brown, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett,  Little Milton, and so many more. The one thing they all had in common was their presentation. Each artist usually had a band with a full horn section that would feature the players early in the show, other lead vocalists who would come out to sing a song or two, female vocalists who would sing background and be featured on lead songs and/or sing with the "star" of the show. There was always a lot of musical entertainment and unbelievable excitement at every R&B Revue show.

Larry's vision came true with the forming of the BLOWIN'
SMOKE Rhythm & Blues Revue which features three Hot, Sassy & Sultry Female Lead Vocalists.......The Fabulous SMOKETTES ! Once these ladies are on stage in front of their microphones you can immediately feel the heat rise, the party starting, the earth shaking, a soul stirring experience about to  take place that won't soon be forgotten !!


Blowin' Smoke: Beyond the Blues Horizon

Set List

Over 300 song repertoire, please email for complete list of songs.