Bluba Lu

Bluba Lu

 Sofia, Sofia-Capital, BGR

For the small Bulgarian music scene Bluba Lu means Quality and Avant-guard. The last decade we released 6 albums, tying to be conceptually and musically as big, as Portishead, Pink Floyd, Zero7, Massive Attack and many more are. Our music is a bridge between the Bulgarian and European underground.


Bluba Lu (Dimitar Paskalev and Konstantin Katsarski) are one of the most innovative and prolific BG music formations of the new millennium. Pioneers in the BG 'underground movement' and "guilty" of feeding life to contemporary Bulgarian music, they have released six albums since in the last decade: "Bluba Lu in Wonderland" 2001, "MOOGaMOOD" 2002, "Re:Verb" 2004, "World Melancholy" 2007, Groove Euroope 2008 and “Quadrotopia”2010.

Bluba Lu are among the creators of the first Bulgarian independent label – Yellow music in 1998. The forming of the label provoke huge media interest and numerous interpretations of the concept "Yellow Music" came into being. Lately the label bankrupt and Bluba Lu create their own carrier.

First Bluba Lu released for LTJ Bukem and produced a couple of singles for "Earth" (Vol. 7), a compilation CD released by Good Looking Records. The album Groove Euroope they signed with Stephan Dorfmeister's digital label ORDIS. Manly Bluba Lu release through their own label Bluba Lu Records. The European release for the World Melancholy album they collaborate with the London based label Botchit and Scarper. The symphony project named “Warld Melancholy” was released all the world after they sign with Pinnacle Records London. The last huge project, “Quadrotopia” started as “music for a quadraphonic concert” is often compared with the good years of Pink Floyd era. By the way, the album was mastered by Andy Jackson, the Pink Floyd's soun engineer! Over 30 radio stations in Germany rotated the album in 2010. The single “Mirror” was included in Jilles Peterson compilation for February 2010. The album was nominated from one of the biggest digital distributors in Eastern Europe KVZ music for the Grammi awards.

Cautious of solidifying a style, Bluba Lu successfully interweaves trip hop, nu jazz, downtempo, chill out or ambient motives. Exploring the various wild or trotted trails of creativity, they find themselves on a similar path with labels such as: "WARP," "4AD," "Ninja Tune," and "Sonar Kollektiv." With each unique project, the band has found a large, devoted audience that finds each concert as cathartically and unforgettably ravishing.

The recordings and concerts with a symphony orchestra for album World Melancholy pushed them even further, just to show that their exploration of sound is beyond any expectations. In 2007 World Melancholy was nominated as album of the year for the annual prizes of the Bulgarian Music Television MM. The song Never Mind from the same album was included in the compilation of the Polish radio RAM – RAM 6 PM 2008.

On stage Bluba Lu not simply occupy their special place in the vanguard of the Bulgarian musical stage as pioneers, applying non-traditional approaches for their live performances, but are also noted as the main "originators" of the modern Bulgarian music scene. Their approach for every project is completely different from a musical aspect but has certain characteristics such as professionalism and innovation.

2011 is a new era for Bluba Lu. They have just recorded an album with the UK producer Eddie Stevens, known as the pianist from Moloko and Zero 7. Bluba Lu gathered 5 members live band and started concert activities with a brand new music onboard!


"Bluba Lu in Wonderland" 2001
"MOOGaMOOD" 2002
"Re:Verb" 2004
"World Melancholy" 2007
"Groove Euroope" 2008
“Quadrotopia” 2010


radio airplay in Germany, 2010:


Radio Eins – Planet Fruit
Deutschlandfunk – Corso – 25.03. – Mirror
Deutschlandfunk – Midnight Blue
Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radiofeuilleton
Deutschlandradio Kultur - Tonart
WDR 5 – daytime programme – free pics
Funkhaus Europa – 5 Planeten
Funkhaus Europa – La dolce vita
MDR Sputnik – free pics
Radio Eins – Planet Fruit – free pics
Radio CT 96,9 Bochum – free pics (4 to 5 times a week)
Stadtradio Göttingen – Radio Lounge – 09.03. – Mirror, Sleepless Life
Köln Campus – free pics
M 94,5 – Transglobal Express
Radio Dreyeckland – free pics
Mephisto – Faustschlag – free pics
UniRadio Berlin – Planet Sounds – Sleepless Life
Tide 96,0 – Mirror – free pics


Deutschlandfunk – Corso – 06.05. - Monetary Slave
Funkhaus Europa – free pics
M 94,5 – Transglobal Express – 15.03. - Monetary slave
Radio X – Souljazzmeeting – 02.04. - Monetary slave
Radio ZUSA – Channel Zero – 21.04. – Monetary Slave Balkansky RMX
Stadtradio Göttingen - Radiolounge
Radio Lora – Exotus


Funkhaus Europa – 5 Planeten
Deutschlandradio Kultur – Radiofeuilleton – 09.07. – presentation of the album, play of 2 tracks
Deutschlandfunk – Rockzeit – 08.07. – 30.000 days
Deutschlandfunk – Corso – 26.07.
BR 2 – Nachtmix – Mr. Architect
MDR Sputnik – free pics
Radio Z – free pics
Radio X – Souljazzmeeting – 26.06. - 30.000 Days
Radio X – Souljazzmeeting – 02.07. - Dream Machine (Koka Remix)
M 94,5 – Transglobal Express
Querfunk - Orsino‘s Lied
Radio Lora 92,4 – Exotus – 12.07.
Radio Lora 92,4 – Global sounds
Stadtradio Göttingen – Radio Lounge – 13.07.
Radio Dreyeckland - Punkt12 – 06.07.
Radio Dreyeckland - Musikmagazin – 06.07.
Radio Dreyeckland - MORA – 07.07.
Radio Dreyeckland – Musikmagazin – 08.07. – presentation of the album

Video airplay:
MONETARY SLAVE : Tide TV – Schallwellen - Rotation
PURE LOVE : Tide TV – Schallwellen - Mirror


Gilles Peterson Worldwide syndication Show - 18th – 25th February : "Mirror"
BFBS RADIO: "Mirror" - 3 months regular rotation
BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson’s Show Friday 11th June : 30 000 days
BFBS: Essential Album of the Week (w/c 14th June) ++ plays from the album!
6 Music – Chris Hawkins Show 15 / 6
Radio 2 - Janice Long 15 / 6
6 Music – George Lamb Show
Maximum Radio (Yorkshire): Monetary Slave
Radio 1 Zane ‘Kat Wong’ 19/2 : Mirror