Bludeepa intends to help mainstream Rock rise up and disobey Rock itself, turning itself inside out.


Bludeepa formed in Rome, Italy, in 2002. Bludeepa is quite certain that the distinction between high and low culture is a sham. Bludeepa seeks to demonstrate that the "high" implications, which are usually hidden, can be found in the simplest forms of Rock. Bludeepa is against the hyper, ultra-elite phenomena of antagonist and alternative cultures. You don't start a revolution from the outside. Besides, what's spookier than the Well-Known? Bludeepa trys to show that there's a subtle yet permeable border between the pop-song composition and atonality. The same goes for having big-time fun and experimenting, as well as art and mass-scale production. Bludeepa doesn't want to leave the sanctified forms to a fate confined in an hamster wheel, rotating around the concept of everlasting immutuability. Bludeepa wants to help these forms implode. Bludeepa wants to change structures into processes. Bludeepa doesn't believe in the creator's ingeniousness, in the creative impulse, in the difference between artist and non-artist. Art is only a file to download.


LP: 'L'età inquieta'. Produzione Bludeepa & Blond Records. Distribuzione Blond Records 2004.
EP: 'In assoluta presenza di fragilità'. Produzione artistica: Saro Cosentino. Autoprodotto. Distribuzione Audioglobe 2007.